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NewsFeed: 6 - 10 December

The Silly Season is here.

But don’t worry, our University of Southern Queensland experts are still in the media.


The La Niña (summer) rains… again.


Answering the ‘Somebody Get Me A Doctor’ call.

  • A new collaboration between the University of Southern Queensland, The University of Queensland, Darling Downs Health and South West Hospital and Health Service has been announced… and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Read more via UniSQ News and The Chronicle. Watch via 7News. Oh, and you can also listen via ABC News.


Another day, another big announcement.

  • Unilever Australia announced the recipients of the Weis Community Fund (and one of them was us!). More details are available via UniSQ News and The Chronicle. We also covered it (comprehensively) on Twitter. Nothin’ like it.


Nurses headin’ bush.

Comet Leonard is streaking towards the Sun.

  • And astronomers (like Professor Jonti Horner) are anxiously watching to see if it will live up to predictions as a Christmas treat over Australia. Your science fix is available via ABC News.


There’s a new #AgTech and Logistics Hub in town, and guess who their university collaborator is?

  • Yes, us. We’re connecting innovators to look at sustainability and waste across the entire agriculture supply chain. Field the rest of the information from this Dynamic Business article.

Sunny with a chance of…

  • Silly Season sweats! In her final Changing Climates instalment in The Courier-Mail, Dr Christa Pudmenzky penned why climate change could be the new Christmas grinch.

Coming up

'Tis our favourite season! Grads. Next week. Stay tuned.

The Silly Season is here... but, don't worry. Our University of Southern Queensland experts are still in the media.