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NewsFeed: 29 November – 3 December

Time again for our weekly media highlights
We know you have been wondering what our University of Southern Queensland experts have been up to, so… enjoy.


More drop, more crop?

• After some tips on how to keep the benefit of the current downpour for next year’s crops, you have come to the right place. Did you know that our researchers have designed a SoilWater App to use Bureau of Meteorology rainfall data for cropping areas across Australia? Field all the details via The Land.


We have covered it literally everywhere, but if you have been living under a rock – we are at the forefront of environmental change.

• Why? Because we have announced a new (green) degree. Ipswich News Today has all the information you need to know.

Speaking of innovative degrees…

• So, the west has won Queensland’s #AgTech race… and we are preparing for the day when the transformed sector will need farmers with new skills. Find out more about our Bachelor of Agriculture Technology via InQueensland. Did we mention that the degree is a first for Queensland and one of two offered in Australia?


And again, because this story really is the gift that just keeps on giving.

• Presenting… Crops in space: The Aussie ingenuity that could feed astronauts on missions to Mars, as told by Grain Central.


Now to the La Niña (summer) rains.

• Professor Scott Power and Dr Chelsea Jarvis wrote an article for The Conversation talking whether the heavy and prolonged rain will causing a new set of problems for Australian farmers. The story was also picked up by Japan Herald, Grain Central and Sydney Sun. How is that for a dynamic duo!


A fireball of the feline variety.

• Also known as a purrfectly timed comet flying past Earth, visible with the unaided eye. Our Twitter page has the rest. Just go there. It is the only explanation.

What is coming up?

Graduations and our 12 (Media) Days of Christmas. Dare we say it… but what a festive fortnight lies ahead. Stay tuned!
Our experts are in the field, in space, and in the news... obviously.