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Jeanne secures early offer to University of Southern Queensland

Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) released 8–9am December 17

The wait is over for Year 12 students across the country who anxiously awaited their university admission results this morning.

But for school leavers like recent Harristown State High School graduate Jeanne Shukurani, their 2022 university plans were already locked in and confirmed.

Jeanne received an early off to study a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Southern Queensland.

“I was so happy when I found out because it meant I could focus on doing my best in the final exams without having to worry about getting into University with the ATAR,” she said.

“I’m still a little nervous to see how I did but I’m mostly excited to see how all my efforts paid off this year.

“I’m definitely not as stressed as I would have been without the early offer.”

Having lived in Toowoomba since moving to Australia ten years ago, Jeanne said the University of Southern Queensland was an easy choice for her next education experience.

“My brother went to UniSQ and I’ve visited the campus a few times to participate in events like the TYME festival,” Ms Shukurani said.

“During Open Day I got to learn more about the University’s Bachelor of Nursing and tour the facilities. It was really nice to experience.”

She’s now looking even further ahead, considering a future career in the health industry.

“I became really interested in the medical field during my senior high school years and began researching biology,” Ms Shukurani said.

“It’s fascinating how the body works, how it fixes itself and how we can fix it as well.”

The University of Southern Queensland's Early Offer allows eligible Year 12 students to receive an early offer at the University of Southern Queensland.

Students can receive an early offer in one of two ways - via recommendation from a Principal or Principal's delegate or successful completion of a UniSQ Head Start course.

Learn more about the University of Southern Queensland's Early Offer.

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Jeanne secures early offer to University of Southern Queensland.