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NewsFeed: 8 – 12 November

Just us again…

With ‘the week that was’ in the University of Southern Queensland media-sphere.


Picture perfect (interview).

  • Photography extraordinaire David Martinelli was interviewed on 4BC Weekends about his photography project which featured University of Southern Queensland staff members at their homes during last year’s lockdown.


Weather you like it or not…

  • Honorary Professor Roger Stone was featured in ABC News talking about Australia’s recent crop-damaging storms (and the likelihood of them continuing).

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Our students are going places.

  • Associate Professor Stephen Bird spoke to The Chronicle about the importance of sport science (and our graduates) as part of the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games preparation.


When your research for regional Australia is just so… relevant.

  • Professor John McVeigh – Executive Director of our Institute for Resilient Regions – penned an aspirational article for The Australian about being proactive for our social, economic and environmental future. We really recommend this read (and love alliteration, apparently).


Marking Remembrance Day: 103 years on.

Education for current and future generations.

  • Academics Associate Professor Martin Kerby, Professor Margaret Baguley, Richard Gehrmann and Dr Alison Bedford have launched an open textbook to ensure that we never stop learning about the sacrifices of the past. Read more via UniSQ News and The Chronicle.

Reflecting and paying respect to the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

  • An absolutely beautiful video was posted across our social channels. We need not say any more.


Well, this is orbit of a chaotic way to round off the week.

  • Apparently a mysterious asteroid that travels around the Sun close to Earth may be a chunk of the Moon. Professor Jonti Horner spoke to ABC News about said chunk of the Moon (and whether it is actually a chunk of the Moon).

Next week at a glance

Who knows where our stories will end up by next Friday. Hopefully worldwide, but we never ask for too much. Stay tuned!

The week that was in the University of Southern Queensland media-sphere.