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National Recycling Week

University of Southern Queensland experts are available for comment on the below topics:

In 2021, recycling is an accepted and understood part of Australian households, but are you doing it right? Despite all the behaviour change campaigns and additional recycling options available, Australia still has a 74-million-tonne garbage problem and a whopping 40% ends up in landfill.
• Ahead of National Recycling Week (starting Monday November 8) Associate Professor Polly Burey - who is the co-lead on a recently announced $2 million Federal Government 'New Options for Waste and Saving the Environment' project - can break down some of the facts, figures and myths around household recycling and how you can make sure you're on your recycling A-game. Media contact: Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380 or Sarah Green 0417 799 331

Diverting organics from landfill and recycling organic waste to produce energy and biofertiliser is one way to tackle methane reduction - and UniSQ researchers have been drilling down on it for decades.
• Professor Bernadette McCabe is a principal scientist at UniSQ's Centre for Agricultural Engineering and is an expert on reducing methane by diverting organics from landfill and the major environmental benefits that come from recycling organics into biofertilisers and reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers. Media contact: Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380 or Sarah Green 0417 799 331

Australia has taken major steps forward in the past few years with regards to recycling – but is it enough? Electro-mechanical Engineer Associate Professor Andreas Helwig says the development of circular sustainable economy upcycling for new products is a key challenge that must be addressed.
• Professor Helwig can discuss and explain the types of solutions that are needed to allow for a truly sustainable economy implementation that removes much of mankind’s current environmental footprint on our world – and how UniSQ has already strategically developed a research and development program to address STEM educational transformation and meet these global challenges. Media contact: Alexia Austin 0491 022 303 Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380

In stats released by Clean Up Australia, nearly 90% of the 4 million computers purchased in Australia every year end up in landfill and the rate of electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of any other waste stream.
• Dr Andrew Maxwell from UniSQ’s School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering says the movement of upcycling of technology needs to be explored in greater depth, and he’s got the lowdown on upcycling – including the types of e-waste that’s ordinarily thrown to the curb that can actually be repaired cheaply and easily. Media contact: Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380 or Sarah Green 0417 799 331

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