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Bluefield Engineering Scholarship Recipient

Young engineer hitting the books, as well as the tools

For the 2020 inaugural recipient of the Bluefield Engineering Scholarship Kate McCullough, it’s an opportunity she can’t wait to tackle.

And while the 19-year-old is now in her third year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and hasn’t come from an official trades background, as the daughter of red meat producers in north Queensland, she’s already earned her stripes in the cattle yards.

“I guess you could say I’ve had an apprenticeship in common sense and real life, and engineering very much falls into that way of thinking,” Kate said.

“When I was considering what to study, engineering kept coming to the fore as an obvious option as it amalgamates all my interests and it teaches you how to think in a new way, understand why things work the way they do. The real-life applications are endless, and I’d love to head back into a rural setting to use my professional skills for good,” she said.

Kate said being awarded the $20,000 scholarship over four years was a privilege.

“Living in residential college, a long way from home, there were a lot of big changes to adapt to starting at university. Bluefield has done something really great for me and thanks to their generosity, I’ve been able to focus 100 per cent on my studies and I even achieved a 5.71 GPA in my studies last year,” she said.

“I can’t explain it any other way than to say I feel quite blessed. This level of assistance is more than I could have ever dreamed of and I know it’s made things a lot easier for my family too – they’re thrilled and enormously proud.”

woman standing
The 2020 inaugural recipient of the Bluefield Engineering Scholarship, Kate McCullough.