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NewsFeed: 25 – 29 October

Not sure how another week has passed already.

But alas, this week’s media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear ‘Away’…

  • Yes, that is right! ‘Away’ has turned 35 and Michael Gow has been propelled into the microscopic family of Australian playwrights who have written an Australian classic. Well, according to Dr David Burton via The Conversation.


Astrophysicist see, astrophysicist do.

  • Professor Jonti Horner was featured (again!) in ABC News – this time, talking about a potential planet outside of our galaxy. What on earth.


A VARIwise researcher and a leader in the field.

  • Cotton irrigation researcher Dr Alison McCarthy has received the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) Irrigation Young Professionals WatSave Award (2021) for her work on VARIwise. Must be in her fibre.

Climate time.

  • Honorary Professor Geoff Cockfield was on ABC’s The Signal (a nationwide program, no less!) discussing Australia’s new net-zero climate policy and how Australia's two governing parties landed the deal.


Is it wheely time to dust off your bike?

  • Dr Christa Pudmenzky explained how transport emissions had changed due to COVID-19 and how we should continue to limit our travel-related carbon footprint in The Courier-Mail. So, yes – time for the bike (or skateboard, if you prefer).


Some (geo)technical work is going on here.

  • So, geological testing and core samples of the Great Dividing Range uncovered unique specimens have formed the basis of educational videos. And we have linked with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to contribute. More via The Courier-Mail.

Friday means we must talk straight to the (no longer sabotaged) heart.

  • Dr Raquel Peel has written an article for The Conversation about how to kick the habit of (consciously or subconsciously) sabotaging romantic relationships. FYI: Apparently Kat’s mantra to ‘disappoint them from the start and then you are covered, right?’ is not quite the way to do it. And yes, that’s absolutely a reference from 10 Things I Hate About You. We will leave that with you.

From software supporting global water management and graduates heading overseas to new scholarship programs and stellar space missions, there is stories aplenty at UniSQ News HQ. Read them ALL.

This week's media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.