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NewsFeed: 18 – 22 October

Just like that, we are back!

It is time (again!) for this week’s media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.


A chemical element of brilliance to start the week.

  • Dr Mark Lynch joined the 4BC airwaves to explain how green hydrogen worked following the announcement that the world’s largest green hydrogen manufacturing facility will be constructed near Gladstone. He was also quoted in an InQueensland article and featured in a series of print and radio interviews. No doubt you are green with envy.

So, #InstaPoetry.

  • Professor Georgina Barton’s research into improving young people’s literacy was featured in EducationHQ. We might just be taking a few tips out of it, too.


Did someone say… Lucy in the Sky (with diamonds)?

  • Yes, yes they did. Dr Tim Holt had a front row seat for the launch of NASA’s Lucy Mission which is now on its way to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids (cool, huh). Lots of stellar coverage – read all about it.

Back to (the) space.

  • Professor Jonti Horner casually just taking a glimpse at the future of the Solar System. Find out what is in store for the Sun and whether it really is (or is not) bad news for Earth via PS News.


Hack! A feature on Triple J?

  • And a live guest, no less. Dr Raquel Peel discussed relationship self-sabotage and ‘The Ick’ phenomenon currently circulating TikTok. Got ‘The Ick’ with radio? She has also written an article for The Conversation – so you really cannot escape it.

Ever heard of conscious dance?

  • Turns out that ‘free moving’ dance is good for the soul and can boost happiness and reduce stress. Get in the groove with this Cairns Post article.


Off we go to have a field day.

  • So, there is new University of Southern Queensland degrees to fill agtech need. Oh, and did we mention that we are the only accredited agricultural engineering program in Australia? Find out more via Queensland Country Life.

It is not rocket science (well, maybe it is).

  • Did you hear that we are leading the way in rocket building? Professor Peter Schubel gave an update on research happening out of the Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences on ABC Southern Queensland.


Glass half full or half empty?

  • Associate Professor Ben Lyons was quoted in an article on the wine industry and innovation in Sustainability Matters. Vinot read it? It is Friday, after all.
rocket in the sky
It is time (again!) for this week’s media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.