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NewsFeed: 11 – 15 October

More brilliant media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.
We know we really should not be surprised every week. But, here we are.


Jupiter: Earth’s protector or frenemy?

  • Professor Jonti Horner told the story of a planet with a split personality perfectly via Space Australia. A curious cometary incident, that is for sure.

An achievement and a half (plus another half, for good measure).

  • Twin brothers Zivanko and Zivago Baron were featured in The Australian following their graduation from the University of Southern Queensland (yes, that is us) in September. An aptly named ‘double delight’.


‘Back to Dirt’ is coming to life.

  • Theatre graduate and playwright Steve Pirie was featured talking about his latest production (oh, and his starring role). It is an award-winning play that has gained national acclaim – so, yes.

You would not be undermining your chances in love, would you?

  • Dr Raquel Peel wrote an article for The Conversation about ‘the ick’ (currently trending on TikTok) and how often it is used as a self-defensive mechanism or strategy to protect against relationship breakdown or fear of commitment. Light reading, really.


Heard about the smoking hot new (exo)planet yet?

  • This announcement is just your mid-week astronomical fix to keep you on your toes – Friday’s section has all the details. But, read Thursday first.

We thought we could not be any more #usqproud. Cue, this.

  • A story in The Senior (featuring Professor Jeff Dunn) about a new research program aimed at making a difference in the lives of thousands of Australian men who are living with prostate cancer.


Trying to nab a bargain fill?

  • We have got you (and your fuel tank) covered – you are welcome. Associate Professor Peter Phillips talked all things fuel prices in The Daily Telegraph.


Another day, another stellar discovery.

  • Today, we are welcoming exoplanet TOI-3362 b to the world. Our scientists were among the team of international researchers working to piece together the nature of the gas giant with extreme seasons and aluminium rain. Disclaimer: much to our disappointment, it does not rain men (still spectacular, though). Features via UniSQ News, ABC News and MSN.
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More brilliant media highlights from the University of Southern Queensland.