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NewsFeed: 4 – 8 October

We’re back again with the whereabouts of our UniSQ experts.

What a week it has been in the media. Behold… the highlights.


We just seem to have all the power.
• Our climate research (co-led by powerhouse Professor Scott Power) has gone viral in Science. Kind of… powerful. Power count: 4.

From US(A) to you– is there such thing as a ‘sabotage scale’?
• Dr Raquel Peel was quoted in media packs around the globe following an article on her research into relationship self-sabotage in USA News. We just LOVE it.


Casually building the future?
• We officially opened a new $6 million engineering building at Springfield, marking the end of the biggest project undertaken at the campus since 2015. The Courier-Mail featured the ‘world class’ news.

No better feeling than when your graduates (literally) kick goals.
• Former Brisbane Broncos premiership winner Karmichael Hunt was one of 300 UniSQ Ipswich graduates to don a cap and gown. If you have not already, catch the story via The Courier-Mail.


So, we absolutely had to include this mid-week media brag.
• We have been named fourth on the national 2021 Graduate Outcomes Survey list with an employment rate of 79.2 percent. That is all.

We also went soaring across the air(waves) this week.
• Chris Smith took full flight and hopped in the pilot’s seat on ABC Brisbane (from 1:16:09) – discussing the future of international travel.


Here is the cotton line: Did you know we are a leader in the field?
• The portfolio of research projects completed and currently underway was featured on WIN News, airing across regional stations in Queensland. There really is a lot APPening – make sure you cotton on to the stories. Oh, and to celebrate World Cotton Day (7 October), an entertaining and informative ‘cotton thread’ was tweeted and tied off the day perfectly (in our humble opinion, anyway).

We are also blasting off. Literally.
• We are one step closer to launching satellites into space – with our researchers teaming up with aerospace engineering, design and development company Hypersonix Launch Systems. Rocket to Innovation Australia or Australian Manufacturing to read more.


Anyone fancy Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
• Dr Daryl Sparkes was featured on ABC Melbourne (from 7:00) talking all things Audrey Hepburn. We would say it does not matter where you run, but it does. The only place you should be running is to this interview. You can run into yourself later.

And, to round off the week, an honourable story.
• Maryanne Walsh and Peter Hauser were both named a Fellow of the University, acknowledging their long association with our wonderful educational institution. If you do not do anything else but read this story, that is okay with us (the quotes are all we need).

Content off the (exo)planet.
• We tried to choose just one World Space Week highlight, but it was impossible (so, just scroll through our Twitter feed). We thought we had no puns left, but we have orbit left in us. Our space researchers are truly stellar.

Audrey dancing
We’re back again with the whereabouts of our UniSQ experts.