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NewsFeed: 27 September - 1 October

Where have our UniSQ experts been this week? Everywhere.

(Well... in print news and on the radio airwaves anyway!)


Hearing one of our experts across the radio first thing on a Monday almost got us air(borne) with excitement.

  • Professor Jane Summers (our marketing maestro) joined ABC Radio Queensland to discuss gender equity in sports (from 05:50).


Hang on a moon-ute, didn’t we already tweet about this? Why yes, yes we did.

  • Jake Clark spoke to Explica about whether the moon is really ‘upside down’. Think we might just have to fly there to find out (really, no pun intended).


No expert in this one, but a media highlight no less. A perfect way to kickstart our Spring Graduation Ceremonies promotion (and all the emotion that comes with it).

  • A beautiful story via The Chronicle about a special friendship between local Toowoomba identity Mary Wagner and Sudanese refugee Sisila Ajang.


Did the meteor really want to shower privately?

  • Professor Jonti Horner was featured in an ABC Online and MSN Australia article talking about whether you will (or will not) ever catch a dazzling meteor out of the corner of your eye.

Is it really possible to get more crop for your drop?

  • Not bragging, but our agricultural research about soil moisture has (literally) been covered in Sydney Today.


Climate research weathering the future. What a power(ful) way to round off the week.

  • From Australia to the Americas – the Tropical Pacific holds enough power to influence the world’s climate. Now a new (Professor Scott) Power is leading research to study its impacts. One you do not want to not read.

Here, there and everywhere: where ARE the wild things?

  • Our new Wildlife Management offering was highlighted in Western Downs Town and Country. If you did not get a chance to catch it – we have got you covered.
sporting field
Gender equity in sport was just one of many media highlights this week.