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UniSQ experts are standing up to be counted

Ahead of the national Census Night, UniSQ experts are available for comment on the below topics.

Tonight is the night for Census 2021, the first national survey snapshot since 2016’s #CensusFail. Most of the country will head online to enter personal data that will be used to inform policy decisions and target services over the next few years.

• LGBTIQA+ - Census 2021 will not include questions on sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. Dr Annette Bromdal says it would have been an excellent opportunity to recognise and understand the makeup of the Australian LGBTIQA+ population to inform policy and services to address their health and wellbeing needs, often rooted in stigma and discrimination.

Media contact: Alexia Austin 0491 022 303

• Regional – Professor John McVeigh says census participation is crucial to ensuring regional voices are heard and communities are allocated the resources they need. Professor McVeigh heads the UniSQ Institute for Resilient Regions.

Media contact: Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380

• History – Censuses are nothing new in human history with the first known taken by the Babylonians in 3800 BC. Historian Associate Professor Marcus Harmes says the bible has a noteworthy example - the one underway while Jesus was born.

Media contact: Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380

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UniSQ experts can talk on different aspects regarding tonight's Census