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COVID-19 vaccine jab: Nursing student on front line to help overcome pandemic

As COVID-19 vaccinations are rolled out across the world, University of Southern Queensland students are helping to make sure Australia’s most vulnerable are protected.

Aged-care residents have been the first to receive Pfizer vaccinations in the Toowoomba community, and the University’s Bachelor of Nursing students have been on hand to assist.

Third-year nursing student Deepa Amgain joined Nursing Professor Victoria Terry and staff from Sonic Health to roll out jabs to residents at Salem Lutheran Nursing Home.

“As we all know older people are at greater risk of having COVID-19, and their immunity power is low, hence it is essential to prioritise them first for vaccination,” Deepa said.

“I also observed the residents to monitor for any adverse signs and symptoms after vaccination. 

“It was a wonderful experience for me.”

For Deepa, it was a beneficial and hands-on opportunity to observe each resident closely for the first 15 minutes then perform hourly vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels) for four hours.

Students and supervisors will return to the facility soon to assist with follow up vaccinations.

Professor Terry said it was an excellent opportunity for nursing students to gain relevant and current industry experience. 

“It was amazing to be part of the vaccination roll out for residential aged care facilities in our community and witness all the proud and courageous residents receive their COVID-19 vaccination,” Professor Terry.

“We were surrounded by a wonderful team of nurse practitioners, clinical nurses, RN’s and carers, all enthusiastically involved in a very successful vaccination campaign for the facility.”

usq student watching nurse
Nursing student Deepa Amgain observes David Leong from Sonic Health prepare the Pfizer vaccinations for the Residential Aged Care vaccination rollout in Toowoomba.