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Using library resources in StudyDesk

Linking to Course Readings

The Library has a new Course Readings system for creating and managing Reading Lists. Course Readings allows you to add citations for books, articles, and other scholarly resources directly from Library Search, Library databases and websites into a course Reading List. Texts and reference materials from the UniSQ Course Specifications are automatically included. Students can access these Reading Lists via a link in the ‘Course activity’ section of the course StudyDesk.

The Course Readings system also allows you to:
• add and update readings throughout the Semester
• request a digitised copy of physical resources to be made available in a reading list (e.g. a book chapter)
• add tags and notes for students and communicate with the Library about specific resources
• view recommendations from students for additional resources to be added to the reading list
• view student usage reports for the readings list
• invite academic colleagues to collaborate with you to develop reading lists
• migrate readings lists, thereby removing the need to create a new list each semester

Our previous course readings system, DiReCt, is being phased out as we move to the new Course Readings system.

For more information about using Course Readings in your course, please contact the Liaison Librarian for your discipline or view these step-by-step instructions for creating and managing Reading Lists.

Linking to learning objects in eLOR from StudyDesk

To link to a learning object in eLOR, such as a video or PowerPoint presentation, use the StudyDesk ‘Add an activity or resource’ function. When linking to a learning object in eLOR from other systems, use the Permalinks available from the item summary screen. 

Further information regarding linking to items in eLOR is available.

Linking to library resources in Library Search

Whilst the Course Readings system is the central access point for course readings associated with your course, on occasion you may want to include a direct link to resources in Library Search in your course materials on StudyDesk. Copyrighted material such as full text journal articles and eBooks chapters should not be added to the StudyDesk course activity page. If you are adding links to journal articles or eBooks within course content on StudyDesk, please ensure the links are accessible for all students by referring to the EZproxy Explained Guide (PDF 547KB).


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