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Publisher ethics

To maintain the highest standard of research integrity, care should be taken to avoid unethical open access journals and publishers.

If you receive an email from a journal or publisher promising an incredibly quick turn around on peer review, this is unlikely to be a genuine scholarly journal.

The Think. Check. Submit. checklist helps you identify trusted journals for your research.

Other points to consider in identifying trusted journals for your research:

  • Check the National Library of Australia catalogue for a genuine ISSN.
  • Research the Editorial Board:
    • Are the members listed on the journal’s website? 
    • Are there more than four members listed on their website?
    • Have the members of the Board published in the journal? 
    • Is the Chief Editor’s email an institutional or organisational email account? 
  • Check the website and journal for spelling errors and other indicators of poor quality.
  • Check the Directory of Open Access Journals for your publisher. Journals in this directory must meet criteria prior to being listed.  
  • High quality open access journals are indexed in the following databases Scopus, PubMed or Web of Science.
  • Check the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) to see if your chosen journal is a member. OASPA requires members to adhere to very specific criteria to publish open access.

Think. Check. Submit. 

The ‘Think. Check. Submit.’ checklist helps you identify trusted journals for your research.

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