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Our focus

The Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences is recognised for its far-reaching engagement with industry, the community and our partners, both in Australia and overseas.

The Faculty has set out to help its students achieve their maximum potential, with graduates being distinguished for being innovative problem solvers who are highly employable, able to exploit research, and are equipped for their future careers. Professionally accredited programs prepare our students to operate in a global economy and to be an engaged member of their chosen industry and the community.

Our students remain at the centre of everything that we do. In an environment of ever increasing technology and mobility, the Faculty delivers learning experiences which are flexible in their delivery and highly relevant to the lives of each individual student, being designed to fit around busy and multi-faceted people. Our students enjoy learning in an innovative, creative and professional atmosphere. Strong and active ties with industry mean the Faculty remains at the forefront of current knowledge and thinking, delivering the most up to date and relevant content to its students. Community events and programs deliver experiences which touch and enrich lives.