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Undergraduate Certificate of Computing/Information Technology (UCCC) - UCertCompIT

Start:Semester 1 (February)
Semester 2 (July)
Fees:Commonwealth supported place
Standard duration:0.5 years full-time 
Program articulation:

To: ; Diploma of Science ; Bachelor of Information Technology


In 2023 the program follows the Semester calendar. The Academic Calendar and Important Dates webpage will allow you to view and download a copy of the important dates for the Semester calendar.

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Program aims

This short program teaches fundamental information systems concepts alongside foundational programming skills which are subsequently applied to web site creation and software development tools.

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Program objectives

On completion of this program graduates should be able to:

  • apply the concept of pseudocode to sketch solutions for problems and demonstrate problem solving through designing, debugging, implementing, documenting, testing and correcting simple computer programs

  • apply standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to build web sites that are accessible and responsive

  • competently manage computer system resources and development tools, including scripting recurring tasks

  • apply information systems concepts to identify and resolve organisational problems and to develop ethical considerations within a business context

  • collaborate and communicate with others effectively as part of producing individual and teambased work outcomes.

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Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a single national, comprehensive system of qualifications offered by higher education institutions (including universities), vocational education and training institutions and secondary schools. Each AQF qualification has a set of descriptors which define the type and complexity of knowledge, skills and application of knowledge and skills that a graduate who has been awarded that qualification has attained, and the typical volume of learning associated with that qualification type.

This program is at AQF Qualification Level 07. Graduates at this level will have broad and coherent knowledge and skills for professional work and/or further learning.

The full set of levels criteria and qualification type descriptors can be found by visiting

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Program Information Set

View UniSQ’s admission criteria, student profiles and a summary of all offers made under Course Admission Information Set via the QTAC website.

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Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Admission into this short program is available to eligible Commonwealth Supported applicants, who are aged 17 years or over. UniSQ assumes your knowledge is equivalent to senior high school English (Units 3 & 4, C).

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Program fees

Commonwealth supported place

A Commonwealth supported place is where the Australian Government makes a contribution towards the cost of a students' higher education and students pay a student contribution amount, which varies depending on the courses undertaken. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedules.

Commonwealth Supported students may be eligible to defer their fees through a Government loan called HECS-HELP.

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Program structure

Students must successfully complete four compulsory core courses before they are able to graduate with the Undergraduate Certificate of Computing/Information Technology.

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Required time limits

Students have a maximum of one year to complete this program.

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Core courses

There are three compulsory courses:

With an option of one of two courses:

Students aiming to complete the program in one semester will need to take CSC1401 in intensive mode.

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IT requirements

For information technology requirements please refer to the minimum computing standards.

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Successful completion of the Undergraduate Certificate of Computing/Information Technology will enable entry and up to four courses of credit towards the Diploma of Science (General Science major) and the Bachelor of Information Technology .

Recommended enrolment pattern

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Recommended enrolment pattern

CourseYear of program and semester in which course is normally studiedEnrolment requirements
CSC1401 Foundation Programming 11,2,3
CIS1000 Digital Disruption11,2
CSC2408 Software Development Tools11,2Pre-requisite: CSC1401

Choose one of the two options

     CIS2000 Systems Analysis and Design11,2
     CSC2406 Web Technology 112Pre-requisite: CSC1401 or Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: UCCC or GDTI or GCEN or METC or MCOT or MCTE or MCOP or MPIT or MCTN or BSED