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Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) (DPCL) - DPsych (Clinical)

This program is offered only to continuing students. No new admissions will be accepted. Students who are interested in this study area should contact us.

Fees:Commonwealth supported place
Domestic full fee paying place
International full fee paying place
Standard duration:3 years full-time, 6 years part-time maximum 
Program articulation:


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Current students 
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Freecall (within Australia): 1800 007 252
Phone (from outside Australia): +61 7 4631 2285

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Professional accreditation

Graduates may:

  • apply for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia after a period of supervised practice

  • apply for full membership to the Australian Psychological Society after a period of supervised practice

  • apply for admission to the College of Clinical Psychology of the Australian Psychological Society after a period of supervised practice.

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Program aims

On completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • apply for positions which require a higher degree in Clinical Psychology

  • take an active role in theoretical and practical developments in clinical psychology

  • contribute to the overall development of the discipline of Psychology.

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Program objectives

Successful completion of the program will enable graduates to:

  • demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge base concerning evidence based practice of clinical psychology

  • demonstrate diagnostic interview skills

  • demonstrate understanding and competence in the principles and practice of clinical assessment, diagnosis and case formulation

  • demonstrate high level skills in psychological testing and test data interpretation

  • apply principles and practice of health intervention

  • demonstrate advanced level skills in individual and group clinical intervention

  • demonstrate doctoral level research skills in data analysis interpretation and presentation in a theoretical framework

  • interact ethically with clients and other professionals

  • demonstrate high level clinical intervention skills within a range of community agencies.

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Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • demonstrate that they have achieved a minimum of First Class Honours in an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)-accredited four-year honours program or equivalent

  • provide two satisfactory Referee Reports and a report to address the Selection Criteria indicating the applicant's abilities to successfully undertake the professional and research components of the program

  • be assessed in an interview with a panel of Departmental staff as having the interpersonal skills required for professional course work.

Before commencing the program, students must have General Registration with Probationary Conditions or full registration from the Psychology Board of Australia.

All students are required to satisfy the applicable English language requirements.

If students do not meet the English language requirements they may apply to study a University-approved English language program. On successful completion of the English language program, students may be admitted to an award program.

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Program fees

Commonwealth supported place

A Commonwealth supported place is where the Australian Government makes a contribution towards the cost of a students' higher education and students pay a student contribution amount, which varies depending on the courses undertaken. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedules.

Commonwealth Supported students may be eligible to defer their fees through a Government loan called HECS-HELP.

Domestic full fee paying place

Domestic full fee paying places are funded entirely through the full fees paid by the student. Full fees vary depending on the courses that are taken. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedule

Domestic full fee paying students may be eligible to defer their fees through a Government loan called FEE-HELP provided they meet the residency and citizenship requirements.

Australian citizens, Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders, Permanent Resident visa holders and New Zealand citizens who will be resident outside Australia for the duration of their program pay full tuition fees and are not eligible for FEE-Help.

International full fee paying place

International students pay full fees. Full fees vary depending on the courses that are taken and whether they are studied on-campus, external or online. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedules.

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Program structure

The program is designed for full-time attendance in the on-campus mode. The program contains 24 units of study comprising of 10 units of coursework, a seven-unit thesis and seven units of practicums. Once the first 8 courses have been passed (full time) there may be some flexibility to negotiate a part time enrolment pattern for the remaining courses.

Lectures for the coursework component of this program are given in full day workshops from one to two day duration over the semester. These workshops are normally held on weekdays.

Course  Semester  Notes 
PSY8010   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8020   1,2  Compulsory workshops 
PSY8030   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8040   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8045   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8050 Advanced Clinical Intervention  Compulsory workshops 
PSY8060 Advanced Health Psychology  1,2  Compulsory workshops 
PSY8065   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8071   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8090   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8130 *   
PSY8140 Psychology Practicum 3*   
PSY8150 Psychology Practicum 4*   
PSY8180 (four units)*  1, 2  Compulsory workshops 
PSY8601   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8602   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8603   Compulsory workshops 
PSY8604 (four units)  1, 2  Compulsory workshops 

*Students are required to accrue a minimum of 1500 hours of practicum experience, plus at least 230 hours of supervision from a registered psychologist who is a member of the Australian Psychological Society Clinical College.

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Required time limits

Students have a maximum of 6 years to complete this program.

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IT requirements

Computers can play an important role in the studying and learning process, and students are strongly encouraged to make use of up-to-date computer technology to facilitate learning, and in the production of assessment material. Many courses make use of the Internet through online discussion groups and course web pages. Some courses require substantial access to a computer because computer software or CDROMs are integral to the material being taught in the course.

Therefore, when considering the suitability of current computer access and/or the purchase of a new computer, students may need to take into account the courses they will study, and any special requirements of particular courses. Students may be able to study successfully for many courses with a computer sufficient to run one of the current word-processing and spreadsheet programs. All students, particularly those studying in external mode, are strongly encouraged to have access to the Internet and to have a computer capable of running the latest versions of Internet web browsers such as Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer. To achieve this level of capacity, students should consult the Recommended Hardware and Software Standards of the University.

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Students who have achieved distinctions or better in Masters coursework courses, successfully completed Project A, and have recommendation from their thesis supervisor, will be permitted to apply for entry into the Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) program. Students in the Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) who choose not to complete this program may elect to transfer credit to the Master of Psychology (Clinical).

Recommended enrolment pattern

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Recommended enrolment pattern

CourseYear of program and semester in which course is normally studiedEnrolment requirements

Year 1

PSY8010 11
PSY8040 11
PSY8045 11
PSY8065 11
PSY8020 11,2
PSY8050 Advanced Clinical Intervention12Pre-requisite: Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: MCPS or MCPA
PSY8130 12
PSY8601 12

Year 2

PSY8060 Advanced Health Psychology21,2Pre-requisite: Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: MCPS or MCPA
PSY8071 21
PSY8140 Psychology Practicum 321Pre-requisite: Students must be enrolled in MCPA or Students must be enrolled in MCPS and have completed PSY5130 and PSY5230
PSY8602 21
PSY8030 22
PSY8090 22
PSY8150 Psychology Practicum 422Pre-requisite: PSY8140 and Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: MCPS or MCPA
PSY8603 22

Year 3

PSY8180 (four units)31,2
PSY8604 (four units)31,2