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Courses offered in Information Technology

CIS1000 Digital Disruption-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS1101 Business Online-S1, S2S2
CIS2000 Systems Analysis and Design-S1, S2-
CIS2005 Principles of Information Security-S1, S2-
CIS3002 Agile Methods-S1, S2S1
CIS3008 Information Technology Service Management-S1-
CIS3009 Enterprise Systems in Practice-S2-
CIS5100 Professional Skills for Information Systems-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS5101 Digital Enterprise-S2S2
CIS5205 Management of Information Security-S2S2
CIS5206 Data Mining for Business Analytics and Cyber Security-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS5209 Systems Analysis for IT Professionals-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS5308 Management of Information Technology Services-S1S1
CIS5310 IS/ICT Project Management-S1S1
CIS8008 Business Intelligence-S1, S2S1
CIS8011 Digital Innovation-S2S2
CIS8018 Cyber Security-S2S2
CIS8025 Big Data Visualisation-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS8500 Applied Research for Information System Professionals-S1, S2S1
CIS8501 Advanced Information Systems Project-S1, S2S1, S2
CIS8504 Blockchain Fundamentals-S1S1
CIS8707 Cyber Incident Management and Response-S2S2
CIS8708 Digital Forensics-S1-
CIS8709 Cyber Governance and Leadership-S2S2
CIS8710 Human Factors in Cyber Security-S2S2
CIS8711 Cloud Security-S2S2
CIS8720 Cyber Security Project-S2S2
CSC2401 Algorithms and Data Structures-S2S2
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++-S1S1
CSC2404 Operating Systems-S2-
CSC2406 Web Technology 1-S2S2
CSC2408 Software Development Tools-S1, S2-
CSC3403 Comparative Programming Languages-S1-
CSC3413 Network Design and Analysis-S2S2
CSC3426 Web Technology 2-S2S2
CSC3427 Switching, Wireless and WAN Technologies-S2S2
CSC5020 Foundations of Programming-S1, S2-
CSC5050 Networking Foundations-S1, S2-
CSC5090 Foundations of IT Systems Administration-S1, S2-
CSC8100 Cyber Security Architecture-S1, S2S1, S2
CSC8101 Penetration Testing-S1-
CSC8370 Network Security Management-S2-
CSC8510 Internetworking-S2-
CSC8520 Securing Networks-S1, S2-
CSC8710 Software Design and Modelling-S2-