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Graduate Certificate of Editing and Publishing (GCEP) - GradCertEdPub

Start:Semester 1 (February)
Fees:Domestic full fee paying place
International full fee paying place
Standard duration:1 year part-time 
Program articulation:

To: Master of Editing and Publishing


In 2023 the program follows the Semester calendar. The Academic Calendar and Important Dates webpage will allow you to view and download a copy of the important dates for the Semester calendar.

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Contact us

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Freecall (within Australia): 1800 269 500
Phone (from outside Australia): +61 7 4631 5315
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Phone: +61 7 4631 5543
Ask a question
Freecall (within Australia): 1800 007 252
Phone (from outside Australia): +61 7 4631 2285

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Program aims

The aim of this program is to produce graduates who are equipped to autonomously and creatively apply the learned knowledge and skills to their professional practice. Creativity and initiative are encouraged in engaging with issues that are relevant and meaningful to student’s professional practice and workplace challenges.

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Program objectives

On successful completion of the Graduate Certificate of Editing and Publishing, students should be able to:

  1. Identify and replicate the editor’s role, together with their legal and ethical obligations, in all aspects of the editing and publishing industry including publication planning, design, production, marketing, and project management.

  2. Develop and apply appropriate professional and interpersonal communication skills, and consistently apply rigorous principles of good writing across a range of materials during different stages of the publishing process.

  3. Critically analyse the evolution of language in different contexts and develop abilities to assess the suitability of language types for different audiences and contexts.

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Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a single national, comprehensive system of qualifications offered by higher education institutions (including universities), vocational education and training institutions and secondary schools. Each AQF qualification has a set of descriptors which define the type and complexity of knowledge, skills and application of knowledge and skills that a graduate who has been awarded that qualification has attained, and the typical volume of learning associated with that qualification type.

This program is at AQF Qualification Level 08. Graduates at this level will have advanced knowledge and skills for professional or highly skilled work and/or further learning.

The full set of levels criteria and qualification type descriptors can be found by visiting

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Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Completion of an Australian university three-year Bachelor degree in any recognised tertiary field or equivalent.

  • English Language Proficiency requirements for Category 3.

All students are required to satisfy the applicable English language requirements.

If students do not meet the English language requirements they may apply to study a University-approved English language program. On successful completion of the English language program, students may be admitted to an award program.

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Program fees

Domestic full fee paying place

Domestic full fee paying places are funded entirely through the full fees paid by the student. Full fees vary depending on the courses that are taken. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedule

Domestic full fee paying students may be eligible to defer their fees through a Government loan called FEE-HELP provided they meet the residency and citizenship requirements.

Australian citizens, Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders, Permanent Resident visa holders and New Zealand citizens who will be resident outside Australia for the duration of their program pay full tuition fees and are not eligible for FEE-Help.

International full fee paying place

International students pay full fees. Full fees vary depending on the courses that are taken and whether they are studied on-campus, external or online. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Schedules.

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Program structure

The Graduate Certificate of Editing and Publishing consists of four units of courses. Refer to the Recommended Enrolment Pattern.

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Required time limits

Students have a maximum of 2 years to complete this program.

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IT requirements

For information technology requirements please refer to the minimum computing standards.

Recommended enrolment pattern

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Recommended enrolment pattern

CourseYear of program and semester in which course is normally studiedEnrolment requirements
PUB5001 Introduction to Editing and Publishing11, 3
PUB5002 Writing for Editors11, 3
PUB5003 Editing in Practice11, 2, 3Co-requisite: PUB5001
PUB5004 Professional Practice in Editing and Publishing11, 2, 3Co-requisite: PUB5001