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Mt Kent Observatory

UniSQ Festival of Astronomy and Space

Join UniSQ at the Festival of Astronomy and Space taking place over three days during World Space Week.
06 - 08 OCT 2022
UniSQ Toowoomba Campus

All activities are free to attend and some sessions will be available to join online via Zoom. Please register for each session you are going to attend, information below.

Festival Program

Thursday 6th October

Festival Talk - Towards the Atmospheres of Alien Planets in the Next Decade 
Dr George Zhou 

Exploring planets around other stars help place our Earth and our Solar System into the cosmic perspective. In this coming decade, we will gain the ability to characterise planets around other stars in great detail. In this talk, we will explore the new generation of space and ground based telescopes coming online, like JWST and the Giant Magellan Telescope, and how we will use them to sniff out the atmospheres of small planets, and watch newly born solar systems form and evolve in real time. 

Festival Talk - Mapping planets in the Solar Neighborhood
Dr Chelsea Huang

Astronomers are discovering planets around other stars with an enormous speed nowadays. Since the launch of NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) in 2018, we are able to map out exoplanets all over the sky for the first time. Chelsea will share some insider stories about the TESS project, its famous discoveries and how amateur astronomers all over the globe are engaged in this grand hunt of worlds outside of the Solar system 

Time: 6pm - 9pm

UniSQ Toowoomba Campus - Alison Dickson Lecture Theatre (H102) -

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Friday 7th October

Festival Talk - Airborne Observations of Aerospace Phenomena - From Rocks to Spacecraft
Dr Fabian Zander

 What do an aircraft, a dying comet, and falling satellites have in common? In this talk, aerospace engineer Dr Fabian Zander will describe how observations taken from a modified business jet aircraft are allowing researchers from Toowoomba to study how objects burn up as they fall to Earth. He will tell the story of two flights in a private jet provided by local company RTI to study both artifical and natural fireballs, describing how the missions were planned, the instruments constructed, and showing the results their airborne endeavours. 

Time: 6pm - 7:30pm

UniSQ Toowoomba Campus - Alison Dickson Lecture Theatre (H102)

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Saturday 8th October

 Curious Kids: All your space questions answered!
Do you have a question about space to which you'd love to know the answer? We have just the event for you! On Saturday 8th October, UniSQ will be hosting "Curious Kids: All your space questions answered!" as part of the annual Festival of Astronomy and Space. We'll have a panel of internationally renowned scientists sat at the ready to answer all your questions, and to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about life, the universe, and everything!
 Time: 4pm - 5:30pm 

UniSQ Toowoomba Campus - Alison Dickson Lecture Theatre (H102) 

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Music and Stars: Toowoomba Philharmonic Society Performance & Sky Viewing

*On rain or cloud *

We will move indoors if the sky isn’t clear. Further details closer to the time. Signs will guide you when you arrive.

Spend a relaxing, entertaining, and informative evening with us, enjoying beautiful harmonies while finding out about the night sky. At this new event from 7:00pm Saturday 8th October, UniSQ's Professor Jonti Horner will take you on a guided tour of the night sky, blended with a series of astronomically-themed musical interludes provided by Toowoomba's Philharmonic Society choir, led by Conductor Calista Walters and Accompanist Abi Bunch.

If we are able to be outdoors, you can lie back in the moonlight, and relax with us beneath our spring skies! Just bring a blanket or chair to set up on the grass next to the main driveway of UniSQ Toowoomba.

 Time: 7pm - 9pm

UniSQ Toowoomba Campus - Front Driveway (Entrance via West St)

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Toowoomba Philharmonic Society - Music and Stars

Join the Toowoomba Philharmonic Society and our very own UniSQ staff for a special performance under the stars, followed by a very special night-viewing opportunity. 

Inspiring talks

Hear from the best and brightest in the space and astronomy fields and learn more about space and our place in it.

Curious Kids

Join us for a youth focused look at space and astronomy. Get hands on with space and help inspire the little ones in your life.

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From Astronomy to Environmental Science, Medical Laboratory to Wildlife Management and everything inbetween, there is sure to be a Sciences area to inspire you.