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Florence Nightingale: lady with a lamp and a pie chart

Discover some of Florence Nightingale's lesser known accomplishments.
19 MAY 2022
5.30 PM - 6.30 PM
Studio 188, 188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich or via Zoom

About the talk

Florence Nightingale is celebrated as the creator of modern nursing and identifying the link between poor sanitation and death, but she is less well known for her other contributions to the wider community.

Florence popularised the pie chart and statistics to prove her points and gain support from people such as Queen Victoria and Australia’s own Henry Parkes. She implemented the train the trainer system for nurses and was the first women to receive the British Order of Merit.

She also influenced British sanitation laws, was an author and was fluent in six languages.

Date: 19 May 2022
Time: 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM
Location: Studio 188, 188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich or online via Zoom

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About the presenter

Mrs Barbara Black, is a nurse lecturer, in the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland. Mrs Black’s role is built on over 40 years of nursing registration with experience in acute care, medical and surgical care, and perioperative units both in the acute hospital and in free standing day surgeries. Mrs Black is the entry to program coordinator into the Bachelor of Nursing Program, with a focus on student enrolments with an advanced entry pathway. Mrs Black teaches into UniSQ undergraduate programs. She is a PhD candidate with research focused on Enrolled and Internationally Qualified Nurses. Other research interests include Nursing History, Nursing Education and Chronic Conditions, Nursing Student Engagement and Retention.


Marcus Harmes wrote a PhD on English religious history and history of all types fascinates him. So does time travel, which is why the other great interest in his life is Doctor Who. He has written on both, including the 2018 biography of the late actor Roger Delgado, who originated the role of the Master in Doctor Who. He teaches humanities and legal history at UniSQ and hopes to pass his passion for the past and its importance to the present and future to his students.

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