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Student Emergency Support Fund

$50,000 was raised by staff and the community to support students as a result of the impacts of COVID-19 on the student community in 2020. Find out how our UniSQ students partnered with staff to seek student feedback on what was needed most.

The Student Emergency Support Fund project was designed and delivered by students in partnership, as a collaboration between Student Success Leaders and the UniSQ Health and Wellness team.

UniSQ asked students how best to allocate the funds to support them through this difficult year. 1264 responded and identified that Mental Health and Wellbeing support, Financial Assistance, Library Resources and Technology Resources were key priorities.

As a result of the student feedback, the partnership team decided on the development of a Virtual Care Package for all UniSQ students to provide the support and tools identified in addition to the provision of $40 000 to the Library for purchase of e-textbooks. This was particularly important to students as they continue to study online during 2020 and this ongoing support will allow multiple students to access the same e-textbook at a time for free. The remaining $10 000 is to be held in reserve for specific programs to allow UniSQ to respond promptly to student needs, when emergencies occur. 

The Virtual Care Package provides an attractive, informative and easy to navigate guide of resources and supports. The range of information includes guidance on:

  • navigating wellness
  • motivation and encouragement strategies
  • learning resources
  • hardship and housing advice
  • recipes and health suggestions
  • resources for anxiety and coping; and
  • staying connected and accessing immediate support.

There Student Emergency Support Fund project demonstrates that, while geographically widespread, and diverse in background, the UniSQ community shares a deep desire to help each other in times of need.


Virtual Care Package

Access your Virtual Care Package online, thanks to the generosity of staff and students contributing to the Student Emergency Support Fund.