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Paints on table.

Mini Workshop - Social Painting - Dungeons and Dragons Club

A social gathering to can craft your miniatures and work on other projects.
24 MAY 2023
1.00 PM - 5.00 PM
Makerspace (R Block, Ground Floor), UniSQ Toowoomba

The Mini Workshop is a social gathering where you can paint/craft your miniatures, where you can share tips, start to learn how to paint miniatures and so on. However, you don’t have to just work on miniatures, the MINI in the title is for mini tasks. You could work on character creation, bounce ideas for your campaign off others and so on. You can also just turn up to meet other members and chat.

The workshop will be held in the ground-floor Markerspace (R Block, UniSQ Toowoomba), just past the Bounce Cafe inside the building.

You may bring your own equipment, but paints, brushes and miniatures will be there for your use.

Miniatures (small selection) can be bought at the event for $3, cash only. Also, if you do have a kid you wish to bring along, they are still under your care and responsibility, the workshop is not a daycare for you to leave them at.


Are non-students able to come?
Yes, the D&D Club is open to all that seek adventure!

Are under 18's allowed to come?
Yes as long as children are supervised at all times and in accordance with UniSQ’s Children on Campus Procedure