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Student Representative Committee

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) is a student group focused on coordinating a fantastic program of social events for UniSQ students each year to enhance the student university experience! As a volunteer member of the SRC, you will join one of the largest volunteer student run groups at UniSQ, and work in partnership with UniSQ advocate the interests of your fellow students! Becoming a member of the Student Representative Committees is a great way to contribute to your student experience and really make a difference! 

'Taking on the role of SRC President was a massive step out of my comfort zone, but with the support of my fellow SRC members and Student Life, I have excelled in the role. I am now in my second term as President and have really found my confidence as a leader. Don't let fear hold you back, go for it, you can do it.'
Krystle, Scott, Ipswich SRC Past President

As a volunteer member of the SRC, you will be a part of the leading group of students, making a difference and creating change for all aspects of the student university experience!  

You will work in partnership with UniSQ and your fellow students to create, organise and run extra-curricular events and activities for all students to enjoy. 

By being on the SRC:

  • You will be representing the voice of all UniSQ Students to ensure the best possible experience at UniSQ  
  • You will play an extremely important role in the social activities of campus life, planning and promoting social and other events

Hear what some of our fantastic Student Representatives have to say about what it's like (Youtube, 2:02) and why you should get involved (YouTube, 1:26).

In addition to playing the key advocate role for your fellow students and improving their experience, there are so many personal benefits of being a volunteer member on the Student Representative Committees including:

  • Formal training and development to fully equip you for your role
  • Exclusive access to LinkedIn Learning
  • Exclusive access to Cultural Capability Training
  • Opportunities to develop your graduate skills through real world work experience
  • Opportunities to develop and enhance your leadership and professional skills
  • Real world work experience in event management and project management
  • Opportunities to build your confidence, communication and time management skills 
  • Formal recognition of your work
  • Access to funded student leadership conferences around Australia
  • Opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends

Formal Semester Two nominations for the Student Representative Committee are now closed.

To apply, you will need to complete the online application form. This nomination form is through the USQ Access portal and you can log in using your normal student log in details.

As part of your application form, you will need to answer three short statement questions about joining the Student Representative Committee, which in the event of an election will be published on the USQ electronic elections system for all students to view and vote on your nomination. 

You will also need to answer several questions about your availability in the role and agree to the compulsory components of the role including completing the mandatory training and agreeing to be bound by the 2022 Student Representative Committee Guidelines (PDF, 281KB).

Your nomination must also be endorsed by two currently enrolled students at UniSQ. To complete this section you must receive permission from two current students to support your nomination and you must include their details on your nomination form. When you submit your nomination, your supporting students will be contacted directly by email to confirm their support for your nomination.

For any questions, please email UniSQ Representation.

Representative Specialisation
Bella Thorn 
Online, Diversity and Inclusion, and Events Representative
Carly Naughton 
Diversity and Inclusion, and Studying Parents Representative
Damien Kneller
Postgraduate, Social Media, and Clubs and Societies Representative
Edward McCorley
General Member
Emma Baillie
Events, and Clubs and Societies Representative
 Ganesh Vhusal International, Events, and Social Media Representative
Lizzy Stanfield Flores General Member 
Michael Mcdonald Diversity and Inclusion Representative 
Nicholas Greenstreet 
Postgraduate, and Mature Age Representative
Nina Sorley
Events, and Social Media Representative 
Prabhsharan Kaur
General Member 
Praveen Solomon 
Military, and Online Representative 
Zoe Arthy
Events, Online, and Postgraduate Representative 
Zoe Jones-Drennen
Diversity and Inclusion, Social Media, and Events Representative 



Contact the Student Representative Committee

Fill in the contact form to provide the Student Representative Committee with any feedback you may have or to ask any questions.

You can also get involved with the SRC and learn about their upcoming events by visiting their Toowoomba, Springfield or Ipswich Facebook pages.