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Academic Student Representatives

Academic Student Representatives play the vital role of liaison between the school, the University, and the student body. They make valuable contributions to the development of academic policies, provide important feedback on academic services, and collaborate on the design and review of courses. Academic Student Representatives also partner with staff on the continuous improvement of the learning environment, pedagogy and the student experience.

As a Academic Student Representative, you will be representing the voice of your student peers in academic and governance committees across the university. As a member of these committees, you will have several important responsibilities: 

  1. Provide regular updates to the committee via written report or where appropriate verbal on matters such as the specific degree and course modules, learning environment, resources, diversity and inclusion and general university functions  
  2. Gather the opinions and views of students and present them at meetings on their behalf
  3. Provide both positive and negative feedback to staff and fellow students
  4. Continuously improve the student learning experience by attending committee meetings, raising issues and working in partnership with the university to identify appropriate solutions 
  5. Be the student voice on university projects and consultation processes
  6. As a member of the University community, demonstrate the highest possible standards of professional and personal conduct, both as an individual and as part of a team, commit to regular engagement in personal, professional and team development.

Becoming a Student Representative can provide numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth including:

  • Gain valuable leadership and teamwork experience
  • Develop strong communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills
  • Opportunity to network, build professional relationships and gain lifelong friendships
  • Enhance your understanding of the university governance and decision-making processes
  • Build your confidence and resilience skills
  • Influence and make a positive impact on the student experience at the university by working in partnership with students and university staff
  • Gain points toward the Phoenix Award

As a Student Representative you will be provided with exclusive professional development opportunities including:

  • Exclusive access to LinkedIn Learning
  • Exclusive professional development opportunities to attend external national leadership conferences
  • External professional development opportunities and training opportunities
  • Internal professional development and training opportunities
View the list of available positions and find out more about which school and governance committees are currently seeking student representatives.

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Student Representative, the first thing you need to do is select your preferred role from the Available positions listed above. All student representative roles are democratically elected, so you will then need to submit an application form through the Nominate now link.

As part of your application, you will be required to write a brief statement of interest. This will then appear on the UniSQ electronic election system so students can make an informed decision when casting their vote. 

Things you should consider including in your statement are:

  • Why do you want to become a representative at UniSQ
  • What does being a student representative mean to you
  • What are some of your interests
  • What are some of your past experiences 
Committee Representative*
10th University Council John Dowling
Academic Appeals Committee
Samuel McClelland (UG)
Nicholas Greenstreet (PG)
Academic Board Grant Vickery (UG)
Adam Schmidt (PG)
Lolita Aranas (HDR
Academic Integrity Working Party Emma Baillie (UG)
Academic Quality Policy Review and Implementation Subcommittee Samuel McClelland (UG)
Lyla Evans (UG)
Nicholas Greenstreet (PG)
Shaima Chowdhury Sharna (PG)
BELA Diversity and Inclusion Committee Billy Morris (UG TWB)
Katrina Cutcliffe (HDR)
BELA Faculty Learning, Teaching and Student Success Committee
Nina Sorley (UG)
Warren Wackerling (PG)
BNSG Nursing Advisory Committee Gillian Gordon (UG)
Education Committee (AB Standing Committee)
Samuel McClelland (UG HES)
HES Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee Colin Von Rechenberg (UG)
Michael Mcdonald (UG)
Barbara Black (HDR)
HES Faculty Learning, Teaching and Student Success Committee
Murtaza Aziz Ahmad (UG)
Industry Advisory Board (Study of ICT)
Kenish Shrestha (UG)
Keziah Elsa John (PG)
Learning and Teaching Innovation Subcommittee

Samuel McClelland (UG)
Lyla Evans (UG)

Paramedicine Program Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) Peter Cramp (FY Paramedicine)
Savannah Davis (SY Paramedicine)
Georgia Nicolle (SY Paramedicine)
Samuel McClelland (SY Paramedicine)
Millie Reed (SY Paramedicine)
Alexandra Blyth (SY Paramedicine)
Research Committee (AB Standing Committee)
Damien Lowe (HDR)
Shaima Chowdhury Sharna (HDR)
Research Training Sub-Committee
Shauna Fjaagesund (HES)
Tara East (BELA)
Safer Communities Reference Committee Rachel Conway
Adam Schmidt
School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Learning, Teaching and Student Success Committee Shaima Chowdhury Sharna (PG)
School of Creative Arts Learning & Teaching & Student Success Committee
Nina Sorley (UG)
School of Education Advisory Board Robert Cantle (HDR)
School of Education Outreach, Engagement and International Committee Dush Bandarawickrama (HDR)
School of Education Research Committee Rian Roux (HDR) 
School of Humanities and Communications Research Committee Katrina Cutcliffe (HDR)
School of Law and Justice Advisory Board Tracy Bowen (UG)
James Hevers (HDR)
School of Mathematics, Physics and Computing Forum Michael Mcdonald (UG)
School of Mathematics, Physics and Computing Learning, Teaching and Student Success Committee Prajin Paul (PG)
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Mechanical and Mechatronic Industry Advisory Committee
Kate McCullough (UG)
School of Nursing and Midwifery Forum
Alex Baker (UG BNSG)
School of Nursing and Midwifery Learning, Teaching and Student Success Committee
Gillian Gordon
School of Psychology and Counselling Learning, Teaching and Success Committee
Melanie Sienkiewicz-Grob (HS)
Cindy Atkinson (PSY)
School of Surveying and Built Environment Outreach and Engagement Committee Kelvin Chi Chung Siew (UG)
Students Portfolio Safety Committee Prabhsharan Kaur (UG)
The University of Southern Queensland Student Guild Board of Directors
Dinuki Seneviratne

*UG Undergraduate; PG Postgraduate; HDR Higher Degree Research; BELA Business, Education, Law and Arts Faculty; HES Health, Engineering and Sciences Faculty; FY First Year; SY Second Year; TY Third Year; TWB Toowoomba; IPS Ipswich; SPF Springfield; BNSG Bachelor of Nursing; PSY Psychology; CS Civil and Surveying; HS Human Services; HON Honours.


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