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UniSQ Student Awards

The UniSQ Student Awards are university wide awards which recognise outstanding achievement and student contribution to the community and the University. 

2022 Award Winners

Winner 2022 - Christopher Jones 

Highly Commended - Lani Walker

Highly Commended - Destina Lee

The UniSQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Service Award goes to a student who has demonstrated involvement and commitment to the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community and has made a positive impact within this community.

Winner 2022 - Hamida Nazari

Highly Commended - Emma Baillie 

Highly Commended - Kate Osborne

UniSQ students have a wide range of opportunities to participate in university life. These extra-curricular and co-curricular activities compliment their studies and enrich their learning experiences. The UniSQ All Rounder Award recognises a student who has demonstrated a high level of academic success, while actively engaging in a range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. This could include sports, leadership, arts, cultural, clubs and community service.

Winner 2022 - Anna Kowitz

Highly Commended - Anna Guevarra-Adams

Highly Commended - Drexelle Malamnao

Clubs play an integral part to enriching the student experience and each member of the club has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the success of the club. The Club Member of the Year recognises a current UniSQ Student Club member who has shown outstanding commitment to their Club and played an integral role in the Club's achievements.

Winner 2022 - UniSQ Dungeons and Dragons Club

Highly Commended - UniSQ Badminton Club

Highly Commended - UniSQ Law Society 

Clubs and Societies are an important part of student life at UniSQ. They allow our students to meet new people, develop lifelong friendships, learn new skills and take part in a range of activities that matter to them. The Highest Achieving Club Award goes to a UniSQ affiliated club which has made a substantial positive impact within the University and its community. The Club will also demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and developing new initiatives.

Winner 2022 - UniSQ Badminton Club

Highly Commended - UniSQ Netball Club

Highly Commended - UniSQ Innovation and Investment Club

Our UniSQ student club communities are diverse, vibrant and ever-expanding. Each year, new UniSQ student clubs find themselves overcoming the exciting challenges of finding members, developing their constitutions and club by laws, as well as creating a schedule of events to keep their club running. The UniSQ Young Club of the Year Award recognises an up-and-coming UniSQ student club or society – formed within the last two years – for outstanding contributions to student life at UniSQ, and having a positive impact for the Club’s members.

Winner 2022 - Alexis Wendt

Highly Commended - Megan Alpe

Highly Commended - Sheridan Wilson

Community service allows our students to put their leadership skills into action and make a positive difference to the communities in which they live. The UniSQ Community Service Award recognises a student who has demonstrated active and enthusiastic participation in community service or volunteering initiatives. 

Winner 2022 - Manasvi Walia 

UniSQ proudly supports, values, and respects the wide variety of cultural identities, languages, and beliefs within the university. The UniSQ International Community Engagement Award recognises a student for their outstanding contributions to supporting our international communities. This student will have demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity at the University of Southern Queensland.

Winner 2022 - Rachel Conway

Highly Commended - Lolita Aranas

Highly Commended - Emma Baillie

Academic and Governance Student Representatives (ASR) play a vital role in the decision-making processes at UniSQ. They represent the student voice by building and fostering collaborative and positive relationships with staff, students and stakeholders. These student representatives volunteer their time to actively contribute to their learning journey and improve the student experience for all of their peers. The Academic Student Representative of the Year Award recognises a student who has fully immersed themselves in their role and gone above and beyond their role to actively advocate for the student voice, while participating in decision making at UniSQ.

Winner 2022 - Rachel Conway

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) is a student group focused on coordinating a program of social events for UniSQ students each year and representing the student voice on the UniSQ Student Forum. The Student Representative Committee Member of the Year award recognises a student who goes above and beyond to represent the student voice by assisting in the enriching activities and initiatives provided by the SRC.

Winner 2022 - Bidhan Chandra Nath

Highly Commended - Tamara Ashe

Highly Commended - Drexelle Malamnao

The UniSQ Service to Sport Award is granted to the student who achieves great things in sport off the field. They may excel in the areas of sporting club/event administration and delivery. They may also excel in the areas of coaching, refereeing and volunteering generally in their chosen sport.

Winners 2022 - Richard Dein Altarez

  - Andrew McLean

  - Jai Gordon

  - Georgia Rohde

  - Shenae Ciesiolka

  - Mia Rennick

  - Jack Brebner

  - Tamara Ashe

  - Chad Johnston

The UniSQ Sporting Excellence Award recognises students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their chosen sport. The award shall be awarded to nominees who have achieved a standard in their sport that is above average for student-athletes. This award can be received by multiple recipients each year.

Winner 2022 - Shenae Ciesiolka

The UniSQ Sportsperson of the Year Award is granted to the student whose sporting achievements and sense of fair play have been deemed to be of the highest level. This Award is selected from the Sporting Excellence Award recipients with additional weighting given to contribution to university (UniSQ) life through sport. 

Winners 2022 - Alexandria Walker

  - Mai Marie Voet

  - Alissa Reinke

  - Matthew Endo

  - Sonia Chapman

  - Kate Taylor

  - Tiffany Rasmussen

  - Rebekah Parikh

  - Claudine Prior

  - Jayden Holt

  - Jonathan Nguyen

  - Amber Barry

  - Guillaume Bach

  - Jarrod Hollands

  - Victoria Clark

  - Marcus Cowan

The UniSQ Phoenix Award provides students the opportunity to receive formal recognition for extra and co-curricular activities which have demonstrated their Graduate Skills*. The Award also acknowledges the development of the skills, attributes, and personal qualities necessary for successful university study, success in the workplace, and good citizenship. By actively participating in the Award, students can; build their skillsets; expand their knowledge; meet new people; enhance career outcomes; and engage with the full UniSQ experience.