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UniSQ Ally Natter with Bonnie Hart

UniSQ People Portfolio & Ally network presents: A Discussion with Bonnie Hart
26 OCT 2022
12.00 PM - 12.45 PM

Bonnie Hart BBehSc (Hons-Psych) is an intersex woman, peer worker, systemic advocate, content expert and mental health worker. With 16 years experience working within the intersex community as a peer supporter, she uses her lived experience to advocate for legislative protections and improved, affirmative, rights-based health and mental health services. Bonnie has developed a public profile as a leader within the intersex community, and is an original signatory of the Darlington Statement, an Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australian intersex community consensus statement.

Bonnie designs and coordinates innovative programs and resources that improve sector capacity for meeting intersex issues and the development of the intersex peer workforce. She is the Manager of InterLink, a world-first peer-led and community-based intersex psychosocial support program. Additionally, Bonnie is an educator on intersex, developing affirmative practice resources and regularly providing sector-specific training through the YellowTick initiative. 

The session will cover:

  • A brief introduction to sex (and intersex)
  • Intersex health and human rights: How the intersex community formed through a symbiosis of peer support and systemic advocacy
  • A fixed point to move the world: The Darlington Statement - an Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australian intersex community consensus statement published in 2017
  • Bridging gaps through InterLink, an innovative psychosocial support program run for an by people with variations of sex characteristics