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Dungeons and Dragons illustration

How to be a Dungeon Master! (DM Training 101)

Learn how to become the master of your own story and run Dungeons and Dragons!
18 JAN 2022
6.00 PM - 9.00 PM
TBC, UniSQ Toowoomba

Want to run your own game but have no clue where to start? Then this training is for you! Open to all!

Being a Dungeon Master or a Game Master is not easy but with a bit of help you can start your journey to becoming a great Dungeon Master! Training will be a general to introduction of running any roleplaying games not just D&D.

1 hour of information that you need to get started.
1 hour of workshopping an adventure together
1 hour Q&A

Training is free. Through we ask that you make a $5 donation to the D&D club.