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Everyone is given an ePortfolio automatically.  An ePortfolio can be used to help digitally record, display and share your personal, academic and professional information. 

You can store a wide range of electronic artefacts such as documents, essays, artwork, resumes, published papers, images, videos etc.

No one can access the content of your ePortfolio without your approval. 

ePortfolio can be used as a platform for assessment and some UniSQ courses may require you to use your UniSQ ePortfolio account.  All students have access to a UniSQ ePortfolio which can showcase your academic, professional and personal skills.  Use ePortfolio to validate your learning journey, personal growth and provide documentation of your evidence-based practices. 

ePortfolio can provide students with a great tool to create evidence of employability skills, accomplishments and achievements.  

ICT Training has created a free, online, comprehensive course on how to use your ePortfolio.  Just go to the StudyDesk course, “Teach me IT” and enrol in the course. 

Additionally instructions on how to use your ePortfolio can be found in Ask UniSQ or under the Frequently asked questions below.

ePortfolio at UniSQ

Get creative and discover UniSQ's ePortfolio! With themes and various layouts to choose from, ePortfolio is yours. Learn how to capture your UniSQ journey.

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