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Candidate Pool

Candidate Pool

How does an employer know you are interested and available?

Careers & Employability often work with employers who are seeking students who can fill opportunities they have available. Opportunities include paid and unpaid work and can be short term or long term. By joining the Careers & Employability Candidate Pool we can find YOU when these opportunities arise.

  • We’ll contact you if an opportunity arises.
  • No lock in – you can say ‘no’ to any opportunity you’re not interested in or available for.
  • Update your preferences for work as often as you like.

Why not put yourself out there, who knows what opportunities may come up. It may be the much needed work experience you have been looking for. Alternatively, it may be your dream job...or an opportunity that could lead to it.

To join our Candidate Pool first submit an application. This will be assessed and you will be notified if you have been accepted or unsuccessful. If accepted, you will be asked to submit your preferences for work. If unsuccessful, you will be provided recommendations on how to improve your application and asked to re-apply.

Please note, this is NOT an alternative to other job seeking approaches but is available to you as one of the many job search strategies you can use.

Application Process:

Apply online:

  1. Submit your Resume
  2. Record your response to two interview question

Your application will be assessed:

  • If unsuccessful, you will be provided recommendations on how you could improve your application.
  • If approved, you will be asked to submit your work preferences which will be used to find opportunities that are relevant to what you are looking for. 

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