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International Student Career Support

USQ Careers & Employability acknowledge that finding opportunities, whether these be casual, work experience or graduate employment, can be difficult when living in a new country. The Careers and Employability team are available to support you to make informed career choices and to take positive action to maximise your career opportunities during your studies and post-graduation. 

The  Careers and Employability team are not a recruitment service but can  offer support and advice to assist you with finding opportunities and to ensure  you are presenting your most professional self. 

Career planning and advice

One-on-one career planning sessions that can help you to develop your career management skills, set goals and strategies and plan for employment after graduation. Appointments are available in person, over the phone or via Zoom. Book your initial 20 minute appointment.

Developing your employability 

Your employability is comprised of your skills, knowledge and personal attributes that will make you more likely to gain employment and be successful throughout your working life.  While at USQ we recommend you take the time to develop and mature these skills and attributes, focusing on them in your studies and in your extracurricular activities. Skill development and relationship building take time, so it is best to start these actions early in your studies. Working on your employability will help you become more competitive in the job market.

The following will assist you in developing these skills and connecting with your professional networks:

Connect with Student Life and the activities and events held on campus and online. Including: 

Make use of the supports provided by the USQ Careers and Employability team. Supports include: 

Assistance with finding employment

As an International student in Australia finding employment can be difficult, and you may face a number of challenges when searching for a job. Go to  the International Student Career Guide for more information.

Resources available to assist you find employment include:

Assistance with finding work experience

Gaining working experience in your industry is important in improving your employability by developing skills and networks. There are three types of work experience opportunities you may look for: 

Work experience as a requirement of your degree

  • Will depend on the course you are enrolled in 
  • Refer to your Program Handbook to find out if your Program includes work experience or a placement
  • Contact your course examiner for more information

Extra-curricular work experience

  • Work experience that isn’t a compulsory part of your studies
  • Need to seek your own opportunities 

Refer to the USQ Industry Experience Program for more information

Formal Work Experience/Internship/Vacation Programs offered by Organisations.

  • Formalised work experience programs, sometimes referred to as internships or vacation programs, offered by organisations. 
  • There will be eligibility requirements you will need to meet. 
  • For more information refer to:
            - Employer websites
    - GradConnection
    - GradAustralia
    - USQ Access 

Graduate employment 

 In many cases, graduate programs are restricted to  Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents. However, with the globalisation of the labour market some employers are  electing to recruit students with temporary working rights. Additionally, small to medium enterprises are also being more flexible with their programs. If your plan is to gain work experience in Australia post- graduation, then it is recommended that you commence your investigations very early in your studies at USQ. These investigations might include learning about your Visa options post graduation by visiting the Department of Home Affairs website; researching potential employers by visiting their websites to check  their graduate employment terms; and visiting Careers & Employability to learn about how you might be able to maximise your opportunities. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements of a position it is a good idea to contact the employer directly to enquire.

Returning home

If your plan is to return to your home country and work once you graduate, there are a number of steps you can take to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible. 
Keep up to date with current affairs and the labour market back home. 

  • Keep in contact with family and friends and let them know that you will be returning and looking for employment.
  • Throughout your time in Australia maintain your professional identity and network through online social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date; actively engage with relevant communities and groups and connect with potential employers.
  • Refer to USQ Access and other online employment sites for employment opportunities in your home country.
  • Investigate Australian businesses operating in your home country. The Australian Chamber of Commerce (often called AustCham) has networks in many countries and can be a valuable job searching and networking tool. 

USQ Alumni Network

Being part of the Alumni Network is automatic once you graduate from USQ. The USQ Alumni Network will allow you to connect with a vast global network of companies and other alumni who know the value that a USQ graduate can bring to their organisation. Your membership also includes access to career counselling and advice on further study. Being a member will also enable you to keep in touch with former classmates, make new social and professional contacts, and attend organised social and networking events. For more information contact USQ Alumni.

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