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Graduate attributes and what they mean for you

Graduates require particular attributes to contribute meaningfully to their workplaces, their communities and the wider world.

Graduate attributes refer to the qualities, skills, and disciplinary expertise that academics, employers, graduates and students all agree are important for you to develop during your time at UniSQ. Developing graduate attributes will help you succeed at university, advance your career, and make a positive contribution to society. Showcasing your graduate attributes is an effective way to express your value to a current or future employer.

The UniSQ community have identified the following graduate attributes. Successful participation in your studies and other relevant experiences will enable you to be:

  1. Well-informed individuals
  2. Critical, creative thinkers  
  3. Effective communicators and collaborators  
  4. Ethical, engaged professionals and citizens  
  5. Employable, enterprising professionals 
  6. Culturally capable individuals.