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Study Innovation

Would you like to incorporate an innovation or entrepreneurship course within your UniSQ program?

Whether you're studying an undergraduate or postgraduate program, we've got an option for you! If you're unsure how to include an entrepreneurship course into your program, contact your Student Relationship Officer to discuss your enrolment options.


MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students of this course will be introduced to the challenges accompanying the entrepreneurial revolution. Theoretical and practical perspectives pertaining to creative thinking and behaviour are explored, laying the foundation for further learning about the organisational challenges related to innovation. Students are encouraged to search for ways that creative ideas can be channelled into innovative organisational outcomes, such as new value-adding services and/or products as well as other forms of organisational innovation and entrepreneurship such as ‘intrapreneurship’ (corporate entrepreneurship). This course helps students to integrate contemporary theory with practice and the real world of entrepreneurship.

LAW3481 Emerging Legal Technologies and Practice

This course prepares law students to embrace disruptive thinking around the use of technology in the legal sector and to give them access to hands-on experience with some of the emerging technologies. Students will be prepared and encouraged to challenge existing frameworks and technologies and to harness creativity so that they can adapt and respond to a constantly changing legal environment.


Master of Business

Choose two specialisations that will broaden your knowledge, enhance your expertise and complement your career ambitions:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Leadership
  • Information Management Systems
  • Leadership
  • Managing Cyber Risk
  • Organisational Project Management

The third component of your studies will be a research project, which will expand your knowledge in innovative business and entrepreneurship. This degree emphasises collaboration with other specialisations to prepare you for decision making in the future - ensuring you are well equipped for this era of innovation.

MGT8040 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

The course provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders with the opportunity to explore the nature and challenge of entrepreneurial work and specifically aims at putting into place the initial building blocks for coming to better grips with the exciting and increasingly prominent field of theory and practice related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants develop their own capacity to be creative and show how creativity can be put to work in organisational contexts. The nexus between creativity and innovation is considered and what innovation means and entails and where it comes from. Finally, participants are exposed to a number of managerial leadership challenges including the different ways or options of going into business, how to do market research, analyse entrepreneurial opportunities, how to draft a business plan, how to finance new and growing entrepreneurial ventures and their legal considerations.

MKT8012 Strategic Marketing and Innovation

This course teaches that managers of technological innovation need to understand and manage key technological creation and development processes such as basic research, applied research and development, technology transfer and commercialisation. Knowledge of managing these processes equips the innovation manager to foster innovation and invention and develop products and services with market potential into commercial reality. In so doing, the innovation manager benefits not only the firm but society as a whole.