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Ignition Internship

The Ignition Internship gives students valuable exposure to the Australian startup community.

We work with students and startups to facilitate real-world work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities. Entrepreneurs work with and mentor final year undergraduate students, providing them with structured and meaningful learning opportunities.

Students who join the Ignition Internship initiative will:

  • Be matched with a startup that aligns with their interests;
  • Gain a university course credit as they gain real-world work experience and networks;
  • Develop key skills that they can effectively communicate to future employers; and
  • Undertake project-driven and collaborative tasks relevant to their studies.

How It works

The Ignition Internship is facilitated through the Ignition Project (Careers & Employability). Students apply to be involved, and students who are successfully matched to an internship opportunity will then be required to enrol in PWE3000 to complete the program.

Students must be eligible to enrol in PWE3000 in order to participate in the Ignition Internship program.

The internship will run during semester time, and must be at least 80 hours of work. These internships are unpaid.

Learn more 

To learn more about this program, contact the Ignition Project team. We also invite interested organisations to get in touch to learn how we can pair you up with some amazing student talent.

Apply for an Ignition Internship