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Applications and reports

In context of the University’s management of the ongoing risks presented by Covid-19, UniSQ Researchers are encouraged to peruse the University’s requirements for safe working. Researchers should adhere to the University’s requirements for safe working and all local restrictions within community settings. Researchers working in vulnerable communities and high risk settings should follow Australian Government Department of Health Guidelines and develop a Risk Management Plan
How to submit a new application

When completing a new human research application, ensure you select ‘No’ as question 1.1.

If your project involves any of the following, contact the Ethics Office before completing a HRE application:

  • genetic testing; 
  • analysis of genetic material; or
  • clinical trials.

Additional information

Before a human research ethics application can be submitted to the Ethics Officer, it first must be endorsed by your Head of Unit/ Head of School.

Schools have nominated roles that can endorse applications at a discipline level before they are submitted for ethical review. If you are unsure of who holds the relevant position in your Faculty, please consult HES or BELA or follow up with your supervisor. 

See the list below for the nominated person in your school:

Department  Approver 
 School of Humanities and Communication  Head of School
 School of Creative Arts  Associate Head of Research
 School of Education Associate Head of  Research
 School of Business  Associate Head of Research
 School of Law and Justice  Theme Leaders
 School of Sciences  Associate Head of Research
 School of Civil Engineering and Surveying  Associate Head of Research
 School of Health and Wellbeing  Associate Head of Research
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering  Associate Head of Research 
School of Nursing and Midwifery  Associate Head of Research
 School of Psychology and Counselling  Head of School 


If you are involved in the conduct of research that has been approved by another Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) then an HRE application is required to be submitted to the USQ HREC. 

Complete the online HRE application, ensuring you select ‘Yes’ at question 1.1.
The following supporting documents need to be attached to your HRE application:

  • HREC approval letter or notification
  • HRE application
  • information sheets
  • consent forms
  • data collection tools
  • any additional supporting documents.

If you need to make changes or request an extension to your approved HRE application, the changes must be reviewed and approved by the USQ Human Research Ethics Committee before implementation. 

How to complete and submit an HRE amendment

  1. Log into RIMS (using UniSQ credentials).
  2. Select 'Research Ethics Applications' (menu on the right).
  3. Click 'Create Application', select 'HRE Amendment' form.
  4. Find the HRE project that requires an amendment, select 'Create New'.
  5. Select 'Edit', complete the amendment and accept the declaration.
  6. For staff: Select the Action tab and submit amendment. 
    For students: Select Action tab 'Prepare for supervisor endorsement', select Review tab 'Nominate principal supervisor' and action tab 'Submit to Principal supervisor'.
    Once your supervisor has endorsed the amendment select Action tab and submit amendment to Ethics Office.

If your project was approved before 2017, a new HRE application is required to continue the research project beyond the expiry date. Due to the updates made to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, 2007 (updated 2018) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018. 


It is a standard condition of Human Research Ethics approval that a milestone report is submitted annually and upon completion of the project. 

How to complete and submit a HRE Milestone Report

  1. Log into RIMS (using UniSQ credentials).
  2. Select 'Research Ethics Applications' (menu on the right).
  3. Click 'Create Application', select form 'HRE Milestone'.
  4. Find the HRE project that requires a report, select 'Create New'.
  5. Complete the report,  accept the declaration and save.
  6. Select Action tab and submit the report.

Quality assurance or evaluation activities must be reviewed and approved by your relevant Senior Manager, Head of School or Centre Director.

Please review the following guidelines before commencing quality assurance or evaluation activities:

If an adverse or unexpected event occurs during research or as a result of the research, an HRE adverse event report must be submitted to the Ethics Office.