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Institutional Biosafety

Before working with Biological agents and hazards, Research Workers (including undergraduate and postgraduate students) need to consider the implications of the type of research they are doing and ensure it is being conducted responsibly. 

Work involving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) requires approval from the University of Southern Queensland Institutional Biosafety Committee prior to commencement. In addition to its statutory obligations relating to GMOs, the University of Southern Queensland IBC also oversees the acquisition, use and storage of any biological organism or agent  which may pose a potential biological risk. 

UniSQ require all staff and students to ensure:

  • experiments involving biosafety implications are worthwhile and likely to contribute to new knowledge
  • experiments are conducted and supervised appropriately
  • the rights of experimental subjects are protected.

The University of Southern Queensland IBC is supported by the Senior Biosafety Advisor in UniSQ Safety. Terms of reference for the Committee are accessible from the University governance site.