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PSY3060 Learning and Behaviour Change

Units : 1
School or Department : School of Psychology and Wellbeing
Grading basis : Graded
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules
Version produced : 30 May 2023


Pre-requisite: PSY1020


A clear understanding of the theory and application of behavioural models and techniques is considered essential to the study and practice of Psychology, forming an important component of the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy model in common use throughout psychological practice. Knowledge of both classical and operant conditioning approaches to learning and behaviour change will enhance students' understanding of how psychological techniques are able, when used appropriately, to cause positive changes in behaviour.

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive account of how humans learn through the application of behavioural techniques - the background knowledge behind some of the most useful and effective therapies in psychology. Topics include an examination of classical and operant conditioning, individual difference factors, social learning and self-regulation, in addition to a sound historical and theoretical background in learning and behaviour from Aristotle and Descartes, via Watson and Skinner, to Bandura and beyond.

The course also provides an opportunity to apply such knowledge and techniques to directly influence behaviour in a training (behaviour change) scenario., The course consists of 7 modules of content, assessed in a end-semester online quiz, and a practical assignment where students will train a person in a specific skill, and report on their objectives, processes, and outcome measurements in a final report at the end of semester. An initial proposal will be submitted early in semester for the approval of the Examiner before any behaviour modification takes place.

Course offers

Study period Mode Campus
Semester 1, 2023 Online
Date printed 30 May 2023