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ECO2000 The Macro-economy and Business

Units : 1
School or Department : School of Business
Grading basis : Graded
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules
Version produced : 24 September 2023


The 2008-09 global financial crisis was one of the most serious macroeconomic shocks to the world economy and had lasting profound impacts on individuals and businesses. This is an example of why it is important for businesses and households to understand the macroeconomic environment in which they operate, and to monitor macroeconomic development. Students of Business Economics need to be familiar with macroeconomic theories and to be able to use the analytical framework offered by this course to evaluate macroeconomic information, events and policies. This course is designed for those students who intend running their own business as well as those pursuing careers in finance and banking, consulting, government, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and in non-profit organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank.

This course focuses on contemporary macroeconomic events and theories. It examines analytical tools such as aggregate demand and aggregate supply, and IS-LM models as well as policy issues in closed and open economy. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills required for macroeconomic analysis in the context of business decision making and government policy.

Course offers

Study period Mode Campus
Semester 2, 2023 Online
Date printed 24 September 2023