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CSC5020 Foundations of Programming

Units : 1
School or Department : School of Mathematics, Physics & Computing
Grading basis : Graded
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules
Version produced : 22 March 2023


Foundational knowledge and experience in computer programming is essential for IT professionals across a wide range of careers. Given the multitude of technologies available to practitioners, this course develops programming experience and skills that are transferrable to other programming languages and contexts. The course is appropriate as a stand-alone introduction to programming and additionally provides a sound basis for students intending to complete further programming instruction. Elements of teamwork strategies are included to prepare students to work effectively in collaborative environments.

After presenting the history and underlying technologies of programming, the course introduces the concept of problem-solving using pseudocode before introducing different syntaxes and kinds of programming languages. The mechanics of producing and running program code is then introduced to establish a platform in which to learn and apply fundamental programming concepts such as basic data types, expressions, and control structures. The course emphasises the application of programming strategies, such as decomposition, and best practice to create sound solutions to substantial problems.

Course offers

Study period Mode Campus
Semester 1, 2023 On-campus Toowoomba
Semester 1, 2023 Online
Semester 2, 2023 On-campus Toowoomba
Semester 2, 2023 Online
Semester 3, 2023 On-campus Toowoomba
Semester 3, 2023 Online
Date printed 22 March 2023