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CIS8504 Blockchain Fundamentals

Units : 1
School or Department : School of Business
Grading basis : Graded
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules
Version produced : 30 March 2023


Enrolment is not permitted in CIS8504 if CIS8702 has been previously completed.


Blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies and holds the promise of ushering in new models for economies and marketplaces, governance, identity and more. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) essentially connect together to form a new type of market infrastructure that sits on top of – and integrates into – existing systems and processes. Blockchains have the potential to disrupt a number of other areas in addition to the financial industry. Supermarkets, energy resources, healthcare, voting and many other sectors could also incorporate blockchain in their future, and new jobs that exploit these skills and opportunities are likely to become more pervasive. As Blockchain technology can be used to prevent data breaches, identity thefts, cyber-attacks and foul play in transactions, the field of cybersecurity is another industry which will be significantly impacted by this technology with the scope for more in the future.

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and insights into the key aspects of blockchain technology and use cases that will serve to provide a solid platform and foundation for developing effective and innovative strategies for their organizations. Integrating both technical and broad perspectives, Blockchain Fundamentals builds a comprehensive survey of the blockchain space that empowers students, entrepreneurs, and developers of all backgrounds.

The course aggregates modules that (1) focus on an understanding of the core technological and security aspects, (2) evaluate a range of use cases in the blockchain ecosystem, (3) explore decentralized apps and smart contracts, and (4) consolidate these into developing an innovative use case to solve a real world problem.

Course offers

Study period Mode Campus
Semester 1, 2023 On-campus Springfield
Semester 1, 2023 Online
Semester 3, 2023 Online
Date printed 30 March 2023