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BIO2214 Pathology Clinical Placement 3

Units : 1
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences
School or Department : School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery


Pre-requisite: BIO2105


This course provides students with an opportunity to apply their specialised subject knowledge and academic skills to a practical situation in order to prepare them to successfully work in a clinical pathology laboratory environment. It allows students to improve their learning by the application of the theoretical concepts and skills theories and graduate skills developed into a clinical laboratory setting and within a team environment. It will encourage a reflective approach to the development of their workplace skills. It is envisioned that the work experience will enhance the student's post-graduation employment prospects. Students intending to enrol in this course should communicate with the program coordinator well in advance of the first week of the semester in order for USQ Student Services to identify a suitable placement within a clinical pathology laboratory. The course is offered in S2.
Following discussion with the pathology laboratory industry partner and the course examiner, students are required to provide a detailed project outline that is to be submitted to the course examiner prior to commencement of the placement. Part-time students that are in employment may define a project in consultation with their employer and discussion with the course examiner. However, the project is to be unrelated to their usual workplace activities.
Students who enrol in this course can not request an exemption based on grounds of professional experience. The normal workload for this course is attendance of 13 days per semester by arrangement with a prescribed pathology laboratory during the teaching period in which the candidate is enrolled.
1. Pathology Clinical placements

Pathology clinical placements are an integral component of the Bachelor of Health (Laboratory Medicine) program. The Pathology Clinical Placements enable students to gain practical experience in a workplace setting. However, as this is a workplace setting students must be aware of the privacy and confidentiality issues that are associated in such an environment. Students undertaking clinical pathology clinical placements must undertake Queensland Health Orientation training and sign deeds relating to placement requirements and privacy.
The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences will provide an orientation package for students relating to clinical placements. Students will be required to acknowledge that they have read the orientation package prior to commencing Pathology Clinical placements.
Students who attend Pathology Clinical Placement and found to breach the deeds will receive a fail grade in the course.

2. Queensland Health Clinical Placement guidelines and Checklist

QHealth provides a detailed summary of Clinical Placement Guidelines. You are required to have read this material and you must complete the 'Student Checklist'. The signed checklist must be handed in to the Faculty Office annually. The Guidelines and Student Checklist can be downloaded from the QHealth website
3. Deed Polls

These are found at the Q Health website under Supervision Placement. They consist of:
Placement Requirements
Privacy and Consent
Both of these must be signed, witnessed and returned to the Faculty Office prior to Clinical Placement. They are required to be signed once only during your student term.

Course offers

Semester Mode Campus
Semester 2, 2014 On-campus Toowoomba