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FTR3004 Major Broadcast Production

Semester 2, 2022 Springfield On-campus
Units : 1
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts
School or Department : School of Creative Arts
Student contribution band : 2021 Grandfather Funding Cl 1
Grading basis : Graded
Version produced : 30 June 2022


Examiner: Spencer Howson


Pre-requisite: Students enrolled in BCAR (FilmTelevRadio+Animation 17195): FTR2011. Students enrolled in BCAR (FilmTelevRadio+Television 17197): FTR2009. Students enrolled in BCAR (FilmTelevRadio+Radio 17198): FTR2008.


This course extends the professional skill and production outcomes achieved through the pre-requisite courses. It requires high skill level and production abilities that when combined can result in a professionally produced and packaged: television, radio, OB (outside broadcast) or digital arts/animation production.

The course allows students to choose, and specialise in these areas while working with production crews/groups who will be responsible for creating and producing the assessable outcomes. They will do this in conjunction with staff and the co-requisite course (BCA Project B) allowing time and creative input, together with available resources to complete a major group production.

It will prepare students with professional skills and knowledge, and as well, a 'show reel' of work suitable for direct entry into the film, television, radio and multimedia industries.

Major Broadcast Production provides students with an opportunity to produce a high quality production within the broadcast specialty area. It will combine studio (radio, tv and digital arts) and OB (outside broadcast of both radio and tv) and at the same time, allow opportunities for role specialisation suited to the students demonstrated skill and interest. The group production will represent the original work by the student/s, from creative script ideas through to planning and management of all resources necessary to achieve the finished production.
This practice-led course will require demonstrated research applicable to the specific production areas and that results in high quality broadcast programming. Students will actively engage in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production to bring this about.

Course learning outcomes

On completions of this course students should be able to:

  1. identify the roles and responsibilities of all crew members and be able to function in assigned roles to a professional standard (TLO 5);
  2. work in advanced modes of production while collaborating with crew members to produce works of broadcast quality (TLO 5);
  3. apply production principles and develop the sophisticated operational skills necessary for working professionally, in both studio (tv, radio & digital arts) & OB (radio & tv) environments (TLO 3);
  4. produce professional quality production documentation and planning appropriate for selected scripts (TLO 4);
  5. examine advanced production principles and clearly distinguish the range, function and appropriateness of available technologies (TLO 1).


Description Weighting(%)
1. Scripts, budgets, production documentation 15.00
2. Content research, planning 15.00
3. Matching production style, resources to the job 15.00
4. Art design 15.00
5. Production & post-production 20.00
6. Professional attitude 10.00
7. Risk management plans 10.00

Text and materials required to be purchased or accessed

There are no texts or materials required for this course.

Student workload expectations

To do well in this subject, students are expected to commit approximately 10 hours per week including class contact hours, independent study, and all assessment tasks. If you are undertaking additional activities, which may include placements and residential schools, the weekly workload hours may vary.

Assessment details

Approach Type Description Group
Weighting (%) Course learning outcomes
Assignments Written Planning document No 20 1,4
Assignments Written Journal No 40 2,3,4,5
Assignments Practical Practical No 40 1,2,4
Date printed 30 June 2022