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ENG2909 Work Experience - Associate

Semester 2, 2022 Online
Units : 0
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences
School or Department : School of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Grading basis : Pass/Not Pass
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules


Examiner: Kamrun Nahar


The assessment in this course is competency-based. Students will achieve either a pass or fail for each assessment. Students need to pass all assessment items to successfully complete the course. These competency items form part of the USQ accreditation agreement with the accrediting organisation/s (where relevant).

Students must complete a minimum of 30 days of professional practice in their discipline field to be eligible to graduate from the Associate Degree of Engineering program. This work experience course is intended to enable students to document practical engineering and professional practice skills they acquire within the workplace. Work experience may be achieved in numerous ways ranging from roles as junior members of teams to tasks that form part of discrete engineering projects. This experience should enhance a student's ability to perform practical and project work, to be innovative, to solve problems and identify solutions, thereby developing engineering judgement. Students will prepare entries in their ePortfolio reflecting on how their work experience has contributed to the development of USQ Graduate Capabilities relevant to their engineering major. A diary with regular entries must be maintained and periodically certified by the work experience provider as a true and faithful record of the hours the student has completed.

The ePortfolio prepared for ENG2909 may be useful later in preparing the required documentation when applying to Engineers Australia for registration as a Chartered Engineering Officer.

Students are advised to contact the engineering placements team via engineering.placements@usq.edu.au if they have any questions about the process of finding and gaining approval for a placement.

Both on-campus and external students will be required to submit their ePortfolio and work diary electronically for review and assessment by the due date to permit timely assessment.

Course learning outcomes

The course objectives define the student learning outcomes for a course. On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate practical skills in a selected technical field of engineering;
  2. demonstrate the ability to undertake and complete assigned tasks in the workplace;
  3. critically reflect on their achievements and learning during work experience with appropriate entries in your ePortfolio. in ECCs;
  4. apply basic health and safety principles in a workplace setting.


Description Weighting(%)
1. Review the USQ Graduate Capability statements for the relevant major 10.00
2. Arranging and preparing for a period of Work Experience 20.00
3. Undertaking a period of Work Experience 30.00
4. Document a period of Work Experience in your Diary 20.00
5. Reflect on your work experience participation, with appropriate entries in your ePortfolio 20.00

Text and materials required to be purchased or accessed

There are no texts or materials required for this course.

Assessment details

Approach Type Description Group
Weighting (%) Course learning outcomes
Assignments Written Diary No 50 3
Assignments Written Portfolio No 50 1,2,4
Date printed 10 February 2023