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AVN1108 Flight Laboratory

Semester 2, 2022 Toowoomba On-campus
Units : 1
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts
School or Department : School of Business
Grading basis : Graded
Course fee schedule : https://www.unisq.edu.au/current-students/administration/fees/fee-schedules


Examiner: Paul Lee


Pre-requisite: AVN1102 and AVN1104


Future aviation professionals will require a blend of skills to meet the steadily increasing needs of this complex socio-technical industry. In particular, aviation managers will require a wider appreciation of the aviation system than just the specific specialisations in which they are employed. For students undertaking the flight operations major, the first stage of their flying career involves the ab initio introductory phase from first flight through to first solo. The prerequisite knowledge which allows them to operate without an Instructor on board comes from a range of sources, including year 1, Semester 1 courses and from concurrent courses in Semester 2, including flight laboratory theory. Students in the Aviation management major will be encouraged to undertake this course, as an elective to broaden their understanding of the nature of flight operations.

The course uses a blend of practical and theory components, allowing students to translate and apply theory to practical applications whilst undertaking flight training in a B737 or A320 style simulator. The course includes theory and practical aspects of flight preparation involving flight planning, meteorological interpretation, airport operations, air traffic control, pre and post flight briefings and airmanship. In addition, students will be required to record their learning experiences in a reflective diary, which will be assessed as part of the course requirements.

Course learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  1. apply theory on aircraft operations learned previously to a practical situation while undertaking flight training in a B737 or A320 style simulator;
  2. demonstrate knowledge of B737 or A320 systems, operating procedures and the use of checklist to a level commensurate with the ab-initio phase;
  3. demonstrate knowledge of basic aeronautical skills and information, flight planning and airport operations with an ability to practically apply those requirements while completing prescribed simulator exercises;
  4. exercise sound decision making and situational awareness skill-sets in preparation for and during prescribed simulator exercises that include, but are not limited to, the management of fuel and threat and error management processes;
  5. manipulate the simulator to a standard which would be close to pre-solo standard by the completion of the course;
  6. record their experiences, learnings and critical reflections from the course, in a reflective diary, using effective written communication skills.


Description Weighting(%)
1. Flight planning and meteorology 10.00
2. Airports, rules, ATC, RTF and airspace 10.00
3. Aircraft knowledge 10.00
4. Simulator exercises 50.00
5. Reflective learning 20.00

Text and materials required to be purchased or accessed

There are no texts or materials required for this course.

Student workload expectations

To do well in this subject, students are expected to commit approximately 10 hours per week including class contact hours, independent study, and all assessment tasks. If you are undertaking additional activities, which may include placements and residential schools, the weekly workload hours may vary.

Assessment details

Approach Type Description Group
Weighting (%) Course learning outcomes
Assignments Practical Demonstration No 30 1,3,4,5
Assignments Written Reflection (personal/clinical) No 30 6
Assignments Written Quiz No 10 2
Assignments Written Report No 30 2
Date printed 10 February 2023