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Our focus

The Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts has a vision to prepare and sustain its students in their life-long learning pursuits and to graduate highly employable, well regarded and knowledgeable professionals. Covering a wide range of disciplines; Business, Creative Arts and Media, Education, Information Technology, Humanities and Communications and Law and Justice, rich, stimulating and multi-disciplinary studies and research result. Relevance and excellence in current teaching and learning are the resulting hall marks.

The Faculty has a mission to be an engaged member of industry and community. Strong and active ties with industry mean the Faculty remains at the forefront of current knowledge and thinking, delivering the most up to date and relevant content to its students. Community events and programs deliver experiences which touch and enrich lives.

Our students come from many and varied backgrounds meaning their needs are also many and varied. In an environment of ever increasing technology and mobility, the Faculty delivers learning experiences which are flexible in their delivery and highly relevant to the lives of each individual student and are designed to fit around busy and multi-faceted lives. Our students are not just numbers, but valued members of the Faculty.