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Res Shield - Dodgeball

Don’t dodge, play Dodgeball!
09 MAR 2021
6.30 PM - 9.30 PM


  • To start a game, each player must be touching their respective back line with at least one foot. The referee will place 6 dodgeballs along the centreline. Players are permitted to cross the midline during the opening rush only.
  • Players must retreat and cross the attack line before making their first throw, or can pass balls back to teammates positioned behind the attack line. Two feet must be behind the attack line for a throw to be valid. Use netball court markings.
  • If a player catches a live ball thrown by the opposition, then the player who threw the ball is out. Additionally, an eliminated member of the catcher’s team may return to the field of play.
  • Players returning to the game must do so in the same order in which they were eliminated. When returning to the field of play, eliminated players must enter the court from the backline.
  • When a player is ‘out’ they must raise their hand and leave the field of play immediately, without interfering with play in any way. Any player intentionally throwing a ball at an opposition player whose hand is raised will be ‘out’. Same goes for a player retrieving a ball from outside the court of play.
  • Any player who crosses the midline during match play will be ‘out’.
  • Players may pass the ball to team-mates and may put the ball on the ground. Players are not permitted to kick or step on the ball.
  • Eliminated players or spectators must not interfere with or touch any balls whilst the ball is in or out of the court of play.
  • No team is allowed to have all 6 balls on their half of the court for more than 10 seconds. If a team has all the balls they must make a legitimate effort to get at least 1 of the balls across to the opponent’s half.
  • Players can only be substituted at half time or for injury.