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2023 fees

At Residential Colleges, you only have to stay a minimum of 16 weeks.


2023 fees are applicable from the commencement of Semester One 2023 contracts.

Room Type Available at 2023 weekly accommodation fee (AUD) After the Accommodation Assistance Scholarship is applied*
Steele Rudd A Block Steele Rudd only 145 90
Steele Rudd B Block Steele Rudd only 156 101
Steele Rudd Outer Blocks Steele Rudd only 192 137
Shared Ensuite McGregor only 201 146
Shared Ensuite (renovated) Concannon and McGregor 206 151
Private Ensuite McGregor A only 226 171
Private Ensuite (renovated) McGregor and Steele Rudd 231 176
Single Occupancy Flat All colleges 292 237
Disability access room McGregor and Steele Rudd 226 171

*Find out more about the Accommodation Assistance Scholarship for UniSQ students here. 

Meal packages

The flexible catering arrangements came into effective from 10 July 2022 and allows flexibility in selecting which meal(s) are taken each day. For example a 2 meal per day package could have breakfast and lunch on Monday, but choose to take lunch and dinner on Tuesday. 

Meal package 2023 weekly meal fee (AUD)
7 meals 75
14 meals 118
19 meals# 137

#Breakfast is only offered Monday to Friday. 

The above rates are based on a semester contract (Semester 1 - 16 weeks, Semester 2 - 15 weeks) under the terms and conditions outlined in the Conditions of Residency (PDF).

As a resident, you also have the opportunity to choose casual or temporary weekly accommodation based on higher rates. Contact our office via or phone +61 7 4631 2650 to find out more.