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Respect @ UniSQ

Putting our values into action

Respect is one of UniSQ’s most important corporate values and as such we hold respect as a key to all of our interactions. We all have a responsibility, staff and students alike, to make sure that UniSQ is a safe place for everyone, all of the time. Whether it be on campus, online or in the communities in which we live, we believe that living our values is important, and when it comes to respectful, healthy relationships that means we all have a part to play in building that culture.

RNA modules

Respect for each other underpins our Respect. Now. Always. campaign and so we have created resources to develop a further understanding of the RNA campaign and some of our rights and responsibilities as UniSQ community members. They cover topics such as:

  • Why the RNA campaign exists
  • What is consent?
  • Understanding sexual harassment and assault
  • Looking out for others and taking action
  • Supporting a disclosure of sexual harassment or assault
  • Supports available at UniSQ and in the community.

At UniSQ, we promote an environment free from sexual violence and so we highly recommend every UniSQ community member explores the information.