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National Student Safety Survey

In September 2021 Australian Universities launched the second National Student Safety Survey. It collected data on the scale and nature of university student experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Responses have been analysed and an institutional infographic can be found HERE.

The University of Southern Queensland is supportive of the Australian Universities sector-wide approach to this issue and is grateful for all our students who have taken part in the survey.

One report of sexual assault or harassment is one too many, and the results indicate we can do more improve our work in addressing sexual assault and harassment in our universities.

In particular, we will work to ensure our students are supported in reporting incidents and know where to find the support they need.

Further information is available at Universities Australia’s response to the 2021 National Student Safety Survey.

Our commitment to the University of Southern Queensland community

Changing unacceptable attitudes and addressing the drivers of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment across society is complex and requires sustained effort. University of Southern Queensland, as a place of higher learning and research, is proud to use its position to promote gender equality and is committed to doing better in addressing sexual harassment and assault.  

Any member of the University community who has experienced any unwanted or inappropriate behaviours is encouraged to Share a Concern to seek support for and report your concerns.

In the past five years, we've implemented a range of actions, which include:

  • developing the Prevention of Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • updating staff guidelines for supporting students who disclose they have experienced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment,
  • establishing the SAGE Athena Swann Committee,
  • establishing the Safer Communities Reference Committee,
  • establishing a Safer Communities Coordinator position,
  • establishing a single point of contact with specialist-trained staff as the Safer Communities Coordinator for students seeking support and making reports,
  • commencing the Share a Concern initiative, a simply and survivor friendly form where all UniSQ community members who have experienced unwanted or inappropriate behaviour can report,
  • implementing the MATE Bystander Program for all staff and students and mandating that all residential colleges students complete,
  • implementing the Respect @ UniSQ program for all staff and students and mandating that all residential colleges students complete,
  • implementing the SafeZone app for emergency responses - the app connects students and staff with the UniSQ Security, and
  • numerous primary prevention and awareness raising campaigns across all campuses.

We will continue to share the University of Southern Queensland's progress and achievements, and future actions that the University is taking, to create a Safer Community and to promote gender equality and prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Safety and wellbeing are at the centre of the survey process, for students and staff. Hearing about the survey and sexual assault and sexual harassment can be hard. If you need support for yourself please contact:

  • UniSQ Student Wellness - 07 4631 2372
  • UniSQ Employee Assistance Program  - 1800 808 374
  • 1800 Respect - 1800 737 732


We want to hear from survivors of sexual assault and harassment about what the University can do better. If you want to give feedback please contact


View Frequently Asked Questions about the National Student Safety Survey.